On October 13, 1989, Gen. Carl Vuono approved the creation of the Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) and described his vision for the organization: “The Army Acquisition Corps will enhance and sustain the acquisition skills of a select group of officers with a solid foundation of operational experience and civilian specialists with proven technical experience.” “The Secretary of the Army reported to the Secretary of Defense on 16 October 1989 that the Army would intensively manage these acquisition specialists to create a dedicated corps of both military and civilian acquisition leaders.” In September 1990, General Vuono signed General Order 14, formally establishing the program that would come to be the AAC. Twenty-five years later, after the longest war in our nation’s history, the more than 12,000 men and women in the Army Acquisition Corps serve as an example of the professionalism and excellence of those who dedicate themselves to protect and support Soldiers across the globe.