• Journey of a Successful CARD

    Proper preparation of a Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD) is a vital step in having a successful acquisition program. Here is how the CARD is completed:

    The Program Management Office (PMO) staff prepares the CARD. The project manager then signs the CARD and submits it to the program executive officer (PEO) for approval. Once signed by the PEO, the CARD is submitted to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Plans, Programs, and Resources (DASA PPR) for staffing to Cost Review Board (CRB) representatives.

    The representatives review the CARD sections that describe their respective functional areas for completeness, adherence to regulatory guidelines and laws, and mission priorities. Any deficiencies and concerns are identified through the staffing process, and the PMO adjudicates. The PMO then provides a formal CARD presentation to the CRB Working Group (WG) in preparation for the CRB members. DASA PPR schedules the brief, provides formats, and manages the CARD process and presentation to the CRB WG. Any changes are incorporated into the CARD and succeeding presentations.

    After the CRB WG, the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Cost and Economics schedules the CRB CARD presentation, which uses the same format and slides as the CRB WG. The CRB members approve the CARD submission.

    The process is a combined effort of the PMO and Army agencies that may be concerned with estimating the program’s cost and ensuring that they have an understanding of the program, its capabilities, and the system to plan and program as part of the Program Objective Memorandum.

    DoD 5000.4-M, Cost Analysis Guidance and Procedures, provides specifics on CARD preparation.

    • From the DASA PPR.

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