Nominations now open for 37th Army Acquisition Annual Awards

Teresa Mikulsky Purcell

FT. BELVOIR, Va. — Nominations for individuals and teams are now being accepted for the U.S. Army Acquisition Annual Awards now through June 21. This year marks the 37th anniversary of the awards, which honor and recognize excellence among those military and civilian members of the Army Acquisition Workforce who go above and beyond what is expected to provide Soldiers with the weapons and equipment they need to execute decisive, full-spectrum operations in support of their missions.

“These awards allow us the opportunity to highlight our many successes,” said the Honorable Heidi Shyu, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology. “Our acquisition professionals continue to provide needed capabilities at best value to the Soldier in the field, consistent with the Department’s Better Buying Power initiative. They balance affordability with requirements for agile, deployable and technologically sophisticated equipment.”

This year’s theme is “Recognizing Acquisition Excellence.” All managers are encouraged to submit nominations for the awards.

“These awards are the most prestigious in our field. They represent the professionalism, dedication and innovation across our acquisition community,” said Shyu. “Thanks to the determined support and hard work of our acquisition professionals, our Army remains the best-trained, best-equipped fighting force in the world.”

The former Department of the Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command (now known as the Army Materiel Command) established the first acquisition award in November 1975. The original award, called the Annual Award for Project Management, was the predecessor to the Project and Product Manager Award described below. The first recipient was Maj. Gen. Robert J. Baer, who received the recognition in the fall of 1976.

Today, the Army Acquisition Annual Awards are comprised of a total of 11 awards in the following five categories:

  • The Army Acquisition Excellence (AAE) Awards recognize Army acquisition workforce individuals and teams whose performance and contributions set them apart from their peers. The awards directly reflect outstanding achievements in support of Soldiers and the Army’s Business Transformation efforts. The AAE awards include the Individual Sustained Achievement Award and three team awards, titled Equipping and Sustaining Our Soldier’s Systems, Information Enabled Army, and Transforming the Way We Do Business.
    Submittal timeline: March 6 – May 3.
  • The Secretary of the Army Award for Project and Product Manager (PM) and Acquisition Director of the Year applaud the PM and acquisition director whose outstanding contributions and achievements merit special recognition. Submittal timeline: March 13 – May 10.
  • The ASA(ALT) Contracting Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Award for Contracting Excellence applauds the ASA(ALT) Contracting NCO whose outstanding contributions and achievements merit special recognition.
    Submittal timeline: April 11 – June 6.
  • The Director, Acquisition Career Management Award recognizes an acquisition workforce member who has demonstrated exemplary performance and has made significant, long-lasting contributions to the Army Acquisition Corps over the course of his or her career, either as a federal government employee or serving in the military. Submittal timeline: May 1 – June 21.
  • The Army Life Cycle Logistician of the Year Award recognizes a military or civilian logistician who has made significant contributions to the field of life-cycle logistics as well as achievements in improving the total life-cycle systems management process.

In addition to the Army awards, DOD has issued a call for nominations for the following two acquisition awards. Multiple awards will be presented to individuals and teams in each category for achievements that exemplify the established goals and objectives that further life-cycle cost reduction and acquisition excellence within DOD.

Each award has different criteria, submittal timelines, performance periods, and nomination procedures. For detailed information, nomination forms, and examples of winning nominations, visit the Acquisition Support Center website, or contact Stanley Eisenhower at (703) 805-1096,