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Director of Acquisition Career Management Guidance Memoranda:

pdf Director, Acquisition Career Management Memorandum – Fiscal Year 2016, Army Acquisition Workforce Standards (November 4, 2015) Intent is to have the Army’s Certification rates, IDPs and CLPs as high as possible, and to adhere to a high-level of Talent Management standards.

pdf Army Acquisition Workforce Standard Program Management Position Nomenclature Policy. (September 22, 2015) Intent is to establish standard/common nomenclature for program management personnel across the Army Acquisition workforce.

pdf  Director of Acquisition Career Management Guidance Memorandum #6 (Section 852 of the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act and establishment of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund (DAWDF)) (July 8, 2010) Intent is to use DAWDF to grow the acquisition workforce by 20,000 positions by FY15. Funds will be used for three main initiatives: Training and Development; Retention Programs; and Recruitment Programs. This memo also delegates authority for management and execution of DAWDF to the DACM.

pdf  Director of Acquisition Career Management Guidance Memorandum #8 – Enforcement of DAWIA Certification Compliance Policy (January 30, 2012) Intent is for workforce member to be properly certified in their duty positions. Until they are, they will not be funded to take other developmental or non-certification related training. Also established GO/SES quarterly meetings to focus on Acquisition Workforce issues.

pdf  Director of Acquisition Career Management Guidance Memorandum #10 – Army Acquisition Corps Officer Assignment Flexibility (December 17, 2013) Intent is to have each Army ACQ Corps Officer focus on obtaining a primary certification in one of two ACFs, (ACF A or ACF C) prior to LTC. Once the officer obtains level of proficiency, they have the flexibility to pursue other developmental programs. Overall, become good at one thing first and then branch out to other ACFs.

pdf  FY15 Military Acquisition Assignment Guidance (October 25, 2014)

pdf  Guidance for AAC Application for CSL Command/Key Billet Selection Boards (October 11, 2013)

pdf  Consequences of Academic Failures and No Shows in DAU Resident Courses (March 30, 2012)

pdf Relevant Contracting Experience Prior to Deployment (February 8, 2011)

pdf  Timely Execution of Fiscal Year 2011 (FY11) Section 852, Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Funding (August 18, 2010)

pdf  Elimination of Mobility Agreement Policy for the Civilian Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) (May 8, 2008)

Acquisition Career Management Advocate & Organization Acquisition Points of Contact:

Acquisition Career Field Certification:

Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) Membership:

Army Acquisition Functional Advisor (AAFA) Policy:

Army Medical Department (AMEDD) :

pdf  MOU Regarding Army Acquisition Workforce Management of Army Medical Officers in Unique Education and Training Specialties (June 19, 2015)

MOU establishes a common basis of understanding on the identification, certification, utilization and management of AMEDD officers in the Army Acquisition Workforce and assigned to acquisition positions.

Army Supplement to the DoD Desk Guide for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Workforce Career Management:

pdf  Army Supplement to the DoD Guidebook (September 1, 2010)

Continuous Learning:

Delegation of Authority:

Critical Acquisition Positions:

Facilities Engineering Career Field Coding:

Foreign Local Nationals Policy and Procedures:

Fulfillment Information:

Key Leadership Positions (KLP) Guidance:

Mandatory Training Requirements:

NCO Specific Policies:

Pathways Intern Program Participant Guide:

Product Support Manager (PSM):


Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE):

 SRPE Policy (July 10, 2015)

 SRPE Guidance (July 10, 2015)

SRPE Form (2015)

SRPE Comment Guide (September 2015)

Tenure Agreement:

Warrants for Contracting Officers:

Policy Archives:

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Former SRPE Policy and Guidance (July 23, 2007)

pdf Regionalization Program Handbook 2013

pdf AAC Regionalization Policy: Rescinded (July 3, 2014)

pdf Regionalization Policy (February 20, 2013)

pdf Facilities Engineering Career Field Coding Memorandum (November 21, 2008)

pdf Government Performance of Critical Acquisition Functions (November 5, 2010)

pdf Business Transformation & Acquisition Certification Standards Memo (May 3, 2008)

pdf Enforcement of Mandatory Acquisition Certification Requirements (August 18, 2010)

pdf Director of Acquisition Career Management Guidance Memorandum #9 – Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) Officers “Re-greening” (March 30, 2012) Intent is to have each Army ACQ Corps Officer experience an opportunity to work with the operational force to refresh their exposure to current tactics, techniques, procedures and weapon systems to remain relevant.

pdf Director of Acquisition Career Management Guidance Memorandum #1 (Focus of the Acquisition Workforce). (December 22, 2006) Intent is to integrate Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Balance Scorecard metrics into the Acquisition Workforce. Workforce members are to participate in two LSS events each year and leaders are to sponsor four LSS events per year (one per quarter). Workforce members will be held accountable for IDP and certification requirement compliance.

pdf Director of Acquisition Career Management Guidance Memorandum #7 – Annual Acquisition Workforce Standards FY15 (March 13, 2015) Intent is to have the Army’s Certification rates, IDPs, and CLPs as high as possible. Waivers should not be used to circumvent the Certification requirement.

 Department of the Army Continuous Learning Policy and Implementation Guidelines (June 12, 2013)

pdf  Designation of Critical Acquisition Positions (CAPs) and Key Leadership Positions (KLPs) Memo (September 1, 2011)

PDF Document  DoD Defense Acquisition University Senior Service College Fellowship Program Policy/Procedures Letter (January 21, 2010)

pdf Director of Acquisition Career Management Guidance Memorandum #2 (August 20, 2007)

 Eastern Region – OAP Policy and Procedures (May 7, 2007)

PDF SLRP Policies