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Army Section 852 Initiatives USAASC has implemented an Open-Continuous process for soliciting and accepting field requirements for Section 852 opportunities. If your organization would like to submit a training opportunity for consideration, please use the newly Automated Section 852 Program Request Form System found at https://www.usaasc.info/section852_cms/, for your submission. Only completed requests, with all cost data will be considered.

Line Item 1: Training Enhancement & Capacity Expansion

  • Catalog 304: DAWIA Certification Equivalency Throughput: Initiatives in this line item will provide additional throughput, curriculum development and other learning support to meet previously unmet demand. There is a gap between the Components’ demand for certification and assignment-specific training and the capacity of the Defense Acquisition University to provide training. In addition, the Components have identified unique Component requirements that will be funded.
  • Catalog 175: DACM Facilities Upgrades: To ensure Army AL&T Workforce members are enabled by state of the art Mission Training Facilities delivering such critical training opportunities.
  • Catalog 301: Acquisition Training Forums

Line Item 2: Comprehensive Acquisition Workforce & Student Information System

  • Catalog 103: CAMP: The success of the Army ALTWF is directly related to the quality of acquisition career management tools and programs available to individual ALTWF members and the overall Army management capability to quickly analyze, report and react to rapidly changing environments and requirements. The Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) maintains multiple ALTWF career management and reporting capabilities through the Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP) and its components such as the Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System (CAPPMIS). CAPPMIS maintains enterprise-level programs addressing individual development training, tuition assistance, senior rater evaluations and other tools to benefit all levels of the ALTWF from the intern and employee perspective through senior management. Increasing the effectiveness, responsiveness and overall capabilities of CAMP and CAPPMIS directly benefits the entire ALTWF. CAMP lessons learned to date, may enable export to an Enterprise solution in ALTWF IM.
  • Catalog 103: Virtual Contracting Enterprise (VCE): Will take US Army ALTWF into the next generation of contracting management and acquisition workforce skills.

Line Item 5: Retention & Recognition Incentives

Line Item 6: Career Broadening & Academic Programs

  • Catalog 26: Leadership Training
  • Catalog 308: Functional Skill Development
  • Catalog 172: Operational “Greening” Experience
  • Catalog 309: Rotational Assignments Program
  • Catolog 107: Congressional Operations Seminar

Line Item 7: Intern Programs

  • Catalog 60: SCEP Hiring
  • Catalog 99: Intern Orientation Programs
  • Catalog 110: Intern Hiring

Line Item 8: Recruiting Incentives

  • Catalog 177: Recruitment Incentive Program: Successfully improve the Army’s Recruitment and Retention capability for the Civilian ALTWF. USD Memorandum dated 21 September 2006 provided implementing amendments to sections 5753 and 5754 of title 5, United States Code, expanding the flexibilities DoD can use to recruit and retain employees more effectively. https://asc.army.mil/web/career-development/852-program/civilian-incentive-program/

Line Item 9: Outreach Programs

  • Catalog 310: Job Fairs: the Acquisition Workforce has been grappling with a steady increase in attrition with their journeyman-level contracting specialist positions (series 1101/1102). Their expected attrition rate will be 3-4% higher than Army in the out years. Currently, ACOMs have a critical need to quickly fill contract specialist positions in order to prepare for future mission needs and succession planning. Forecasting tools predict that an additional 2500+ civilian contracting specialists will need to be hired by the end of FY11. The Job Fairs will give the ACOMs an excellent outlet to reach approximately 2000 potential candidates. We expect these Job Fairs to tighten the acquisition workforce.

Line Item 10: Journeyman Hiring

  • Catalog 111: Journeyman Hiring

Line Item 11: Highly Qualified Expert Hiring

  • Catalog 112: HQE Hiring