What is an Individual Development Plan (IDP)?

This is a developmental tool used by the Acquisition Corps to assist individuals and supervisors in documenting and planning long range and short range training objectives. (It is a plan for projected training needs). Notification of IDP approval does not mean the individual has been approved for a seat in a residence course. Course seating is requested through Army Training (AITAS/ATRRS).

When do I get an IDP?

After Approval/selection for reclassification and assignment to a NCO Contracting assignment.

How Do I get an IDP?

When a Soldier is selected for Reclassification and is assigned to a contracting position the MOS 51C Assignment and Career manager or the Proponent will coordinate for the creation of the initial IDP account.  We will use the following data points to build the IDP.

  • SSN
  • Unit Address
  • Unit phone
  • Home Address
  • Home phone
  • Email
  • Local supervisor name, phone, email
  • This information will be used to add you to the Acquisition database (CAPPMIS)

Who is the supervisor for my IDP?

Upon initial MOS reclassification the supervisor that will approve the initial MOS training MOS 51C NCO Assignment and Career manager.  Upon completion of the AIT training requirements the Soldiers local supervisor will approve the training.  Supervisors include Contingency Contracting Team Leaders, Senior Contingency Contracting Team Leaders, Contingency Contracting Battalion or Contracting Support Brigade Operations Officers.

How do I change my IDP supervisor?

You don’t. Each time you get a new supervisor, he/she has to log into the IDP supervisor module and add your SSN to their employee profile.

Are my IDP and ACRB reviewed by the NCO Promotion Board?

No, these are internal tools used by Acquisition Corps to manage and train qualified individuals.

Who updates my IDP?

You do.

Who updates my ACRB?

The MOS 51C NCO Assignment and Career manager or your local Acquisition Career Manager.