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Thank you for your interest in the 51C MOS. We are now accepting packets for the April 22-23, 2014 reclassification board. All packets must be received no later than 1 p.m. EST, April 4, 2014. Packets will only be accepted through our online virtual board system using the reclassification process outlined below.

Reclassification Process

Step 1

The Soldier prepares a reclassification application through the 51C Virtual Board. All first-time applicants must click the sign-up link to establish a username and password before continuing to the application page.
NOTE: If the Soldier will have more than ten years time in service (TIS) by the next board date, a TIS waiver is required. Thirteen or more years TIS disqualifies a Soldier’s eligibility to apply..

Step 2

To complete the application process, all documents must digitally scanned and submitted as SEPARATE attachments via one encrypted e-mail to the following e-mail address:

Packets that contain attachments as one file will not be accepted. Each attachment must be in an Adobe PDF format and all information must be legible. Example documentation is provided in the next section. The Soldier will receive a confirmation email from the 51C Proponency team when the application and emailed documentation has been received and validated.

Step 3

All Soldiers will be notified by email regarding approval or disapproval status 30 days following the conclusion of each review board. Board results are posted on the USAASC website.

Step 4

Upon acceptance as a 51C, Soldiers will be scheduled for reclassification training and a follow-on assignment. The award of the MOS will be completed after successful completion of training.

MOS 51C Reclassification Instructions and Example Documentation:

51C Frequently Asked Questions:

The MOS Award requirements include:

The MOS 51C will only be awarded to Soldiers through the MOS reclassification process.

Step 1

Approval/selection for reclassification and assignment to Contracting training and assignment.

Step 2

(Reserve Component) NCOs selected for 51C Reclassification Training will complete via Distance Learning Defense Acquisition University courses in contracting: CON 110 Mission Support Planning, CON 111 Mission Planning Execution, CON 112 Mission Performance Assessment.

For Active Duty Soldiers no action is required by the local installation, the MOS will be top loaded by the HRC Reclassification Branch upon completion of required training.

Additional Information:

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