Noncommissioned Officer MOS 51C and CMF 51: Purpose

The purpose of the Army Acquisition Corps Proponent Office is to provide information to Soldiers that want to pursue CMF 51/MOS 51C as a new career.

Contracting NCO Vision

Our goals are to:

  • Identify and manage NCO career progression patterns of NCOs that are reclassified into MOS 51C Acquisition, Logistics & Technology Contracting Noncommissioned Officers.
  • Ensure NCOs understand the MOS Reclassification requirements for becoming a 51C AL&T Contracting NCO.
  • Ensure that NCOs understand what will be required of them while performing duties as Warranted Contract Specialists or Contingency Contracting Officers.
  • (Reserve Component)To distribute information on how to register for the MOS producing training, CON 110 Mission Support Planning (BE0), CON 111 Mission Planning Execution (BE8), CON 112 Mission Performance assessment (BE9).
  • Provide basic access information on the Acquisition Career Record Brief (ACRB) and Individual Development Plan (IDP)


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