On behalf the Director, Army Acquisition Career Management (DACM), Lt. Gen. Michael Williamson, welcome to the Acquisition Corps! Please take a moment to watch his welcome video on our onboarding webpage—providing you with some of the basic information you need to jumpstart this new phase in your career.

The U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center Army DACM Office, located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia is responsible for statutory requirements and professional development programs, reporting directly to the Army DACM and working closely with Acquisition Management Branch (AMB).


As you already know from your VTIP welcome message, as a newly assessed acquisition officer you can expect to attend a couple of training courses TDY en-route to your first acquisition assignment. Here’s the breakdown on what you can expect in the coming months:

Upon completion of your first assignment (roughly two years), 51Cs will return to AACoE to complete the Army Intermediate Contracting Course (AICC), a four week course. At this point, you will have had the opportunity to gain some on-the-job training and experience, making the course material more relevant to you.

Course descriptions and other basic information can be found on the AACoE webpage.

Please click on the graphic below to print

AC Career Timeline


Please refer to Chapter 41 within the DA PAM 600-3 to read and learn more about professional development and career management within the Army Acquisition Corps. In addition, the officer development model shown above outlines key education, experience and training opportunities available throughout your career.

As you complete your time in your basic branch it is imperative that you continue to excel. Your performance still matters.

Again, welcome to the Army Acquisition Corps. You have been selected to ensure our Army remains the best equipped and most technologically advanced fighting force in the world. The experiences you have gained in your basic branch will be valuable as you embark on this new chapter of your career.

If you have general questions on acquisition career development or any of the policy, programs, or opportunities outlined above, please contact the Proponency Team. Questions related to your specific career path should be referred to your career manager at AMB.