What is an Individual Development Plan (IDP)?

AL&T workforce members are required to complete and maintain a five-year IDP. The IDP is a tool that permits you and your supervisor to identify and track career objectives in the area of educational, training, and experiential opportunities. Objectives should reflect overall broad career goals and specific developmental activities intended to accomplish them. The developmental objectives should be attainable in a reasonable time frame and do not have to be purely acquisition related. They can include items such as functional training, leadership, education, professional activities, and assignment experiences that can lead toward overall achievement of broad career goals. The IDP should be reviewed in conjunction with normal appraisal cycles.

When do I get an IDP?

After selection/approval for accession or reclassification and first assignment into the acquisition corps.

How Do I get an IDP?

When a soldier is assigned to an acquisition position, the career manager and proponent will coordinate the creation of an initial IDP account. The following data points will be used to build the IDP.

  • SSN
  • Unit Address
  • Unit phone
  • Home Address
  • Home phone
  • Email
  • Local supervisor name, phone, email
  • This information will be used to add you to the Acquisition database (CAPPMIS)

The IDP can be accessed from CAPPMIS at https://rda.altess.army.mil/camp

How do I submit my IDP for approval?

Once you have annotated all of your career goals and have entered any education, training, or experience that is required to achieve certification, you may submit your IDP to your supervisor for approval. This approval process is done electronically; therefore, you must ensure your current supervisor’s name and correct email address is listed in your IDP. If your current supervisor is not listed in your IDP, please advise your supervisor to log on to the IDP site and add you to his/her employee listing (Supervisor: log in at https://rda.altess.army.mil/camp, select CAPPMIS on the navigation bar, then select the IDP tab, select the SUPERVISOR MODULE, the “add employee”). Your supervisor will receive a system generated email notification when you submit your IDP review and approval. If any DAU courses are listed on your IDP, your supervisor must approve the DAU course on the IDP before you can successfully apply for the DAU course.