FY 2017 Board Results

Fifteen candidates from the Army Acquisition Corps were selected from the fiscal year (FY) 2017 Product and Project Director Centralized Selection Board. A talent management board of directors met Feb. 24, 2017 approving the FY17 slate.

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General Information

The Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM), Lt. Gen. Michael Williamson, adjourned the FY 17 Product and Project Director Centralized Selection Board Dec. 1 and Dec. 14, 2016.  The board utilized the same board members presiding on the FY18 Lt. Col. /GS-14 Product Manager and the FY18 Col./GS-15 Project Manager (PM) Centralized Selection List (CSL) Board.

The Product Director board selected 14 principals and 22 alternates from a pool of 46 fully qualified civilians.  The Project Director Board selected one (1) principal and four (4) alternates from 24 fully qualified civilian applicants.

The next Product and Project Director Board is tentatively scheduled for the first quarter FY18.





In FY15, the Army Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM) initiated a civilian only centralized product director selection board as a talent management initiative to identify high performers with leadership potential and key program management skills to lead many of our acquisition programs. Currently, there are 24 centrally selected civilians in product director positions and three (3) in project director positions.

The Product & Project Director (PD) concept is to centrally select high performing Army acquisition civilian program management personnel at the GS-14 and GS-15/broadband equivalent level to serve in PD positions within the Program Executive Office (PEO) structure. The DACM’s objective is to direct personnel assignments within the PEOs to facilitate the placement of high performing civilian personnel for these PD positions. This central management of civilian PDs is the core of the civilian talent management concept.

The Army DACM Office manages this process and PD board selected civilians much like the U.S. Army Human Resources Command’s Acquisition Management Branch manages and assigns our military acquisition workforce. A post-utilization plan as the combined responsibility of the DACM Office Talent Management team, PEO and individual, will identify follow-on positions or opportunities after a successful tenure as a PD.

Product Directors are GS-14/broadband equivalent and similar to the Centralized Select List (CSL) Product Managers (PM). Project Directors are GS-15/broadband equivalent and similar to the CSL PMs. They are alike in level of cost, schedule, and performance responsibilities, differing by position in the lifecycle. Positions are identified by the PEOs and are validated utilizing the annual Military Acquisition Position List (MAPL)/CSL review process. Thirty-four (34) positions have been identified/validated as meeting the requirement of a Product Director and eight (8) positions as a Project Director.

A common Position Requirements Document (PRD) designates all PD positions. Selectees are required to sign a Tenure and Program Management Agreement for three years.

PD Board application requirements mirror those for the CSL PM Board: Acquisition Career Record Brief, resume, performance appraisals, Senior Rater Potential Evaluations, and regional/geographic preference statement. Applications are submitted through an electronic application tool – the Career Acquisition Professional and Personnel Management Information System (CAPPMIS), Army Acquisition Professional Development System (AAPDS). AAPDS is the same electronic tool currently used for other DACM Office acquisition leadership development and selection opportunities.

The initial Product Director Board was conducted in December 2014 and followed the FY16 COL/GS-15 CSL PM Board. Fourteen (14) principals and fourteen (14) alternates were selected from among 47 highly qualified applicants. The July-September 2015 issue of Army ALT Magazine “Paths to Leadership” outlines the career paths of our FY15 selectees.

For FY16, our second Product Director Board convened from January 14-15, 2016. It followed the FY17 LTC /GS-14 CSL PM Board and utilized the same board membership. Sixteen (16) principals and 16 alternates were selected from among 48 highly qualified applicants. Additionally in FY16, we convened our initial Project Director (GS-15) Centralized Selection Board from February 2-5, 2016. Three (3) principals and six (6) alternates were selected from among 29 highly qualified applicants.

Talent management of both our civilian and military Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) is a high priority for the Army DACM and the Army Acquisition Executive (AAE). Developing a pool of the right people in the right jobs with the right skills at the right time to deliver decisive-edge capabilities to our Soldiers at all times is the DACM’s goal. The Product and Project Director Centralized Selection Board is just one of the initiatives in support of this effort.

Application Best Practices

For helpful hints on preparing your application, please visit the following link: http://asc.army.mil/web/career-development/programs/best-practices


Norm Hilton (primary)
email: norman.a.hilton.civ@mail.mil
commercial: (703) 805-3778

Mr. Jack Kendall (alternate)
email: john.f.kendall.civ@mail.mil
commercial: (703) 805-9436

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