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The Training with Industry (TWI) Program is a work-experience program to provide an extensive exposure to managerial techniques and industrial procedures within corporate America to competitively selected officers.  The Army Acquisition Corps offers this assignment to highly motivated and skilled officers in the grade of O3-O5.  Applicants backgrounds are matched up against desired and required skills of the specific companies.  Training received is normally not available either through the military school system or civilian university system.

The AAC currently participates with the following companies: Amazon, Boeing, Cisco, Coca-Cola, CSC, Airbus Group Inc., General Dynamics, Intel, Lockheed Martin, and Microsoft. Each company offers a challenging work environment that will allow the assigned officer direct access to the best business practices of the top Defense, Industry, Production, and Design companies available.

Following the participants’ tenure at the industry, they are placed in a validated utilization assignment. Participants also incur an active duty service obligation of three for one computed in days.

The July – September 2014 edition of Army AL&T magazine features an article on how the Training with Industry Program brings best practices from the private sector to Army acquisition. You can find this article online at: http://usaasc.armyalt.com/#folio=130.

For additional information on Training with Industry, please read the following:

pdf ACS and TWI Policy and Procedures (February 10, 2012)