The Acquisition Tuition Assistance Program

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General Information for Applicants

The Deputy Director, Acquisition Career Management is responsible, by law, for the education, training and career progression of AAC and AL&T Workforce members. To that end, the USAASC shall ensure that individuals who must attain DAWIA educational requirements, as stated in DoD 5000-52-M, are afforded the opportunity to apply for the Acquisition Tuition Assistance Program (ATAP). ATAP is a non-competitive, need-based program. Individuals may attend the institution of their choice within their local commuting area and complete courses during non-duty hours. Course attendance during duty hours must be with the approval of the student’s supervisor. For further information please refer to the ATAP Policy and Procedures.The ATAP application process has now been automated and will be included in the new Army Acquisition Professional Development System (AAPDS).

Additional Information:

Applicants should contact the ATAP Coordinator, Ms. Uhura N. Smith, at email or commercial at 703-805-1241 for assistance in preparing their applications.