Program Information

The Acquisition Tuition Assistance Program (ATAP) provides tuition assistance to eligible Army Acquisition workforce (AAW) civilians and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 51 Contracting (51C) Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs).  AAW civilians can pursue business credit hours towards bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees or required business credit hours towards Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) membership.  MOS 51C NCOs can pursue required business credit hours towards a bachelor’s degree to meet their Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) certification/education requirement.  Under this announcement, eligible MOS 51C NCOs may also pursue business credit hours towards a master’s degrees.

Please see the announcement, eligibility requirements and additional information provided below. Applications are accepted through July 12, 2017. 


The 2017 (FY18 start) ATAP Board results were approved on Aug. 11 2017. Congratulations to the 101 new ATAP participants approved to participate in the program. The next ATAP education opportunity is scheduled to open April/May 2018

Policy and Procedures:

Word Document ATAP Policy and Procedures (17 July 2017)

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must meet eligibility requirements at the time their application is submitted in the online application system. Both AAW civilians and 51C NCOs may attend the accredited educational institution of their choice and must attend classes during non-duty hours.

NCO 51C Eligibility

If pursuing a master’s degree:

  • Rank of SSG-SFC
  • Not be flagged in accordance with AR 600-8-2
  • Currently possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Does not already have a master’s degree
  • Must have less than 16 years time in service at time of submitting application
  • SSG NCOs must be at least level 2 DAWIA certified in contracting
  • SFC NCOs must meet their DAWIA certification level required in contracting
  • Be able to fulfill the service obligation incurred by the program
  • Must be fully accepted into a graduate program

If pursuing DAWIA Certification/Education  Requirement:

  • Rank of SGT-SGM
  • Does not meet certification level required for contracting
  • Need a bachelor’s degree required for DAWIA certification
  • Need no more than 24 semester hours in accounting, law, business, finance, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organization and management required for DAWIA certification.
AAW Civilian Eligibility

If pursuing Army Acquisition Corps Membership:

  • Be a permanent AAW civilian
  • Meet certification level required for current position
  • Requesting no more than 24 required business hours for AAC membership
  • Must be fully accepted into a bachelor’s or master’s degree program
  • Be a GS-13 step 1 broad band/pay band equivalent and above

If pursuing a bachelor’s degree:

  • Be a permanent AAW civilian; and
  • Meet certification level required for current position; and
  • Must not have a bachelor’s degree in an acquisition discipline; and
  • Must be fully accepted into a bachelor’s degree program

If pursuing DAWIA Certification (Education) Requirement:

  • Be a permanent AAW civilian
  • Need to meet certification level or required education for current position in the following primary Acquisition Career Fields (ACFs): business – cost estimating; contracting; engineering; science and technology manager; and test and evaluation

If pursuing a master’s degree:

  • Be a permanent AAW civilian
  • Must not have a master’s degree in an acquisition discipline
  • Must be fully accepted into a graduate degree program at an accredited education institution
  • Must be certified level 2 in current position or meet the certification level required for your current position

For example,  if your position only requires a level 1 certification, you must be level 2 certified to be eligible. If your position requires level 3 certification, but you are only level 2 certified, you are not eligible.

General Information for Participants:


Ms. Uhura N. Smith, ATAP Program Manager
Desk: 703-664-5732
Fax: 703-805-1530

In addition, you may contact your Acquisition Career Manager at the following: