New Naval Postgraduate School program: The Director of Army Acquisition Corps (DAAC) now sponsors Program 522, a Master’s of Science in Systems Engineering Management (MS-SEM), at Naval Postgraduate School. The creation of this program is part of a larger initiative to revitalize education for newly assessed officers and is tied to Acquisition Reform, spearheaded by Lieutenant General Paul A. Ostrowski, the DAAC, redefining education for newly assessed acquisition officers. MS-SEM is a new, non-calculus and non-physics requiring advanced degree program, and is designed to assist our workforce in interacting with program technical experts, such as engineers, test and evaluation personnel, and contracting staff. This program is expected to roll out this summer for new NPS students, and those already in an NPS program will not be affected by this curriculum change. More information is available in the NPS Catalog Update pages, attached here: Resident-MSSEM-CatalogDescription