AEP supports Army goals by: 1. Encouraging officers to obtain an advanced degree in a field related to their branch or functional area by taking part in off-duty educational programs. 2. To educate selected officers on a full-time basis for an advanced degree. 3. To retain quality officers by allowing them to attend Graduate school in return for an additional Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO) in 4. To educate officers and non-commissioned officers. These are the opportunities offered through the AAC AEP’S for FA51 Officers/NCO’s

Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS). Applicants are board selected

Army’s Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) program provides opportunities for officers and non commissioned officers to pursue advanced degree programs at civilian universities on a full-time, fully funded basis. Our goal is to ensure Acquisition Corps officers receive the best and most appropriate graduate degrees available in a timely and cost effective manner. The Acquisition Management Branch (AMB), Army Human Resources Command (HRC), receives ACS quotas annually. To fill these quotas, selection boards are conducted annually, usually in April and August, however, when necessary additional will be held. Individuals apply and are selected for ACS approximately 6-12 months prior to their proposed start date of graduate school.

Training with Industry (TWI). Applicants are board selected

The Training with Industry (TWI) Program is a work-experience program to provide an extensive exposure to managerial techniques and industrial procedures within corporate America to competitively selected officers and non commissioned officers. Training received is normally not available either through the military school system or civilian university system. Following the participants’ tenure at the industry, they are placed in a validated utilization assignment for two years. Participants also incur an active duty service obligation of three for one computed in days.

Scholarships/Fellowships. Applicants must be Command and Branch approved.
The Army Congressional Fellowship Program (ACFP)

ACFP educates selected Army officers on the importance of the strategic relationship between the Army and the congress. It is a three-year program which includes pursuing a Master’s Degree in Legislative Affairs at George Washington University, service on the staff of a member of Congress and utilization on the Army or Joint Staff in a Lagislative Liasion duty position.