DCELPThe Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP) is designed to develop the next generation of innovative leaders with the technical competence to meet the future leadership needs of the Department of Defense (DOD). All acquisition Army submissions will be collected by the United States Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC).

This DOD program focuses on developing emerging leaders in the Acquisition, Financial Management, and Human Resources communities. It consists of five residential courses focused on: Leadership Assessment Team Development I & II, Effective Writing in the Federal Government, Conflict Resolution and Leadership for Non-Supervisors.

Participants will also complete an online course of instruction on the Mission and Culture of the DOD. Additional courses of instruction provided by the DCELP Program Office will include Effective Writing and Research in the DOD, Leadership Theories and Principles and a course of instruction on Emotional Intelligence.


The application period for Year Group 2018 was open from 2 Mar through 3 April 2017.

PDF DCELP FY18 Announcement ( Feb 07, 2017 )


DCELP Tuition and Lodging – funded by DoD
DCELP Travel and Per Diem – funded by USAASC

DCELP is a residency program. The 4-5 weekly sessions will be held at the Executive Management Training Center in Southbridge, MA.

Additional information on the program can be reviewed at https://dodhrinfo.cpms.osd.mil/Directorates/HRSPAS/Leadership-Learning-and-Development/Pages/DCELP.aspx.


The application period for Year Group 2018 is closed. The application for Year Group 2019 will be announced
in early spring 2018.

Army acquisition workforce applicants interested in applying for this program must submit their application in Army Acquisition Professional Development System (AAPDS). In AAPDS, the application will be called “2018 Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP)”.

To access AAPDS, login at the Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP) using the following link: https://rda.altess.army.mil/camp/ and click on Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System (CAPPMIS). Once in CAPPMIS, select the “AAPDS” tab, then select the “Application Module” link. Click on “Apply” and the event entitled “2018 Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP).”

All required documents must be submitted in AAPDS. You must upload or type information into each section.

Year Group 2018 nomination packet requirements include the following:

PDF Nominee Information Sheet


PDFStatement of Interest

PDFSupervisor’s Assessment

PDF Biography

PDF Continued Service Agreement

  • ACRB


The program is open to permanent (non-temporary/non-term) Army Acquisition Civilians GS-7 through GS-12 or broadband/payband equivalent.

NOTE: GS-11’s and below must be at least level I certified in their current acquisition position, and within 24 month grace period. GS-12’s must be level II certified in their current acquisition position by the date of application submission.

If you had met your original certification requirement and were recently promoted so you now require the next level, you may still be eligible for DCELP. The Army Acquisition DCELP PM will review this on a case-to-case basis. If this situation defines where you are with your certification, please contact Ms. Rosalyn Hillary at rosalyn.y.hillary.civ@mail.mil.

Application Best Practices:

For helpful hints on preparing your application, please visit the following link:


I have gained a great deal of knowledge from DCELP. DCELP has taught me what it means to focus on identifying leaders, how to engage them in the broader progressive movement, and how to empower them with the knowledge, strategies, and skills we can put to work to promote positive sustainable change in our professional communities. I have learned as a leader that we must always make a serious, long-term investment in our next generation of progressive leaders – now. For we’re building for the future…now. I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to have attended DCELP.” – Danarius M. Hemphill, Executive Officer/Project Officer, Office of the Chief Counsel/AMSTA-L

DCELP is a truly exceptional opportunity to meet and befriend a lot of great people and improve who you are as a person, a professional, a leader and a follower. The knowledge, skills and tools learned at DCELP are invaluable. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity.” – Kevin Graves, Contract Administrator, Mission & Installation Contracting Command, MICC – Fort Knox

The Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program has provided me with the ability to provide sound and effective leadership now and in the future. As an employee in a demanding and sometimes unpredictable environment, I am using the newly-acquired skills to positively affect my organization.” – Jill Salgado, Technical Writer-Editor, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors Directorate

DCELP was a life changer! You were given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to solely focus on your inner self in order to understand YOU so that you could better understand other people around you. Many “ah-ha” moments were experienced throughout this program and if I had to sum DCELP up in one word, it would be “AMEN”!” – Tanya Karasavvas, Contract Specialist, Army Contracting Command – Warren


(For Army Acquisition Only)

Rosalyn Hillary
Army Acquisition DCELP Program Manager
Army DACM Leader Development Branch
Comm: 703-664-5710
DSN: 654-5710

If you are not in the Army Acquisition Workforce, please visit https://dodhrinfo.cpms.osd.mil/Directorates/HRSPAS/Leadership-Learning-and-Development/Pages/DCELP.aspx for more information.