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Q: When are the onsite sessions?

A: As of May 2013, the session dates have not been scheduled.  The current class followed the below schedule.  (this does not mean the dates will be the same, but it provides an idea of when and how they are scheduled) 

  •  Orientation & Leadership Assessment – October 28 – November 3, 2012
  •  Team Development Seminar – January 7 – 18, 2013
  •  Effective Writing & DoD Research – March 18 – 22, 2013
  •  Conflict Resolution – April 1 – 5, 2013
  •  Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors and Graduation – June 24-28, 2013

Q: When and where is graduation?

 A: Graduation will be held in the summer, after all sessions are completed.  It will most likely be held in Southbridge, but may be in Washington DC.  As with the sessions, USAASC will fund your travel and per diem.


 Q: Is an employee granted time away from work to participate or is leave submission required?

 A: You cannot be in leave status and take this course.  Your organization or the Army will be responsible to provide your TDY orders and payment for such.  You will be in a Temp Duty status.


 Q:  Who selects your Mentor?

 A:  You will select your Mentor.


 Q: If a training week is missed due to unforeseen circumstances, can this be made up at a later date?

 A: It is highly preferred that students go to all planned resident courses in Southbridge, MA.  However, if a personal emergency arises, we will work with you to take the session elsewhere. There are two options for make-ups:  one is located at the Eastern Management Training Center in Shepardstown, WV, and the other is located in Aurora, CO.  The only difference is that your component (USAASC) is responsible for payment of lodging.  There is no lodging cost at Southbridge.


 Q:  Are there required exams during this program?

 A:  No exams are given.


 Q: What exactly is the CES course requirement?

 A: You must have completed the CES course level specified for your position. For more information on the CES requirements, please visit:



You can also log into CHRTAS to view your status at:



 Q:  Can I apply if I’m going to have a requirement completed by the beginning of the fiscal year?

 A:  No, requirements for eligibility must be fulfilled by the application deadline.