Defense Acquisition University Senior Service College Fellowship Program – Information for Applicants
General Program Information The US Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) is responsible for developing the policy, implementation guidance, and the management of training programs for military and civilian workforce members. The DAU-SSCF Program is a 10-month leadership/educational opportunity conducted under the auspices of the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) at Huntsville, AL, Warren, MI and Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. The purpose of the DAU-SSCF Program is to provide leadership and acquisition training to prepare senior level civilians for senior leadership roles such as Product and Project Managers, Program Executive Officers and other key acquisition leadership positions. On 28 March 2013, the DAU-SSCF program was granted Military Education Level I (MEL-1) equivalency.USAASC Army DACM Office will fund the tuition cost of the program at each location for each Army acquisition civilian participant. Applicants who are not local to one of the three sites must request funding of travel and per diem from their command or organization. Non Army participant’s organization must fund their tuition cost, travel and per diem. This program will conduct multiple acquisition courses to meet the purpose to include:

  • Credit for completion of the DAU Program Manager Course (PMT 401)
  • Courses in leadership
  • Acquisition training in Life Cycle Management linked to Life Cycle Management Commands (LCMC)
  • Studies in resource requirements and acquisition integration for senior and strategic leaders
  • Studies in executive leadership
  • Applications of acquisition in national defense/security study
  • Research in acquisition issues and processes
  • Mentoring program with government and industry senior leaders
  • Senior Leadership Speaker’s Program
All Individuals who complete the program will be awarded the following:
  • Equivalency for the Program Managers Course (PMT 401)
  • Master’s Degree Option: All individuals will be provided the option to obtain a Master’s. If you do not have a Master’s degree, the USAASC DACM Office will centrally fund. If you already have a Master’s, please consult your sending command as they may fund the optional Master’s. USAASC will not centrally fund a second Master’s


Defense Acquisition University Senior Service College Fellowship Program – Information for Applicants
Applicant/selectee must meet ALLof the following requirements:

  • Be a permanent Department of the Army Civilian at the GS14/15 or equivalent grade within a Demonstration Project.
  • Be an Acquisition workforce member and an Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) member at the time of application. Your ACRB in Section III must show AAC membership. Acquisition workforce members who do not currently possess AAC membership but who wish to participate in this opportunity must become members of the AAC prior to the time of application. AAC applications must be submitted electronically through the Army Acquisition Corps Management System (AAC MS) on the CAMP website at:
  • Be serving in a Career or Career Conditional Appointment.
  • Have or be able to obtain a Secret clearance before the class start date.
  • Have attained a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Be identified by their organization as being on the track for executive level service. This information should be addressed in the Command Endorsement Memorandum.
  • At the time of application, applicant must be certified level III in their current acquisition position. Certification status must be reflected in Section X of the ACRB.
  • At time of application, applicants must have completed the Civilian Education System (CES) Advanced Course in one of three ways: resident CES Advanced Course completion, Equivalency Credit or Constructive Credit. More information may be found on CES at the following link:

Policy and Procedures:


Application Best Practices:

For helpful hints on preparing your application, please visit the following link:

Program Contacts:

Kristine Faria
DAU-SSCF Program Manager
Army DACM Office
Comm: 703-664-5709
DSN: 654-5709