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Defense Acquisition University (DAU) offers a wide array of program management (PMT) and acquisition (ACQ) 400 level courses. These courses are non-Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) required courses geared toward level III certified program managers and senior leaders and those who need to satisfy requirements of 10 U.S.C. 1735. You may click on the short course link to take you to the course catalog for more detailed course descriptions and required prerequisites.

  • PMT 400 Program Manager’s Skills
  • PMT 401 Program Manager’s Course
  • PMT 402 Executive Program Manager’s Course
  • ACQ 401 Senior Acquisition Course

  • ACQ 403 Defense Acquisition Executive Overview Workshop (DAEOW)
  • ACQ 404 Systems Acquisition Management Course For General/Flag Officers (SAMC)

  • ACQ 405 Executive Refresher Course

  • ACQ 450 Leading in the Acquisition Environment
  • ACQ 451 Integrated Acquisition for Decision Makers 

  • ACQ 452 Forging Stakeholder Relationships 

  • ACQ 453 Leader as Coach

The non-statutory courses include PMT 400, ACQ 405 and ACQ 404. These courses provide skills retention and refinement, DOD policy updates and best practices, and enable experience sharing for program, product and project managers (PMs).

PMT 401 and PMT 402 are statutorily required for program executive officers (PEOs), deputy program executive officers (DPEOs) and program managers/deputy program managers (PMs/DPMs) of ACAT I and II programs.

The ACQ 45x series of courses are leadership specific courses for level III certified personnel in any acquisition career field who have at least three years of acquisition experience. These courses are also part of the core-plus development guide for a few of the acquisition career fields.