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In order to develop a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of the Defense Acquisition Workforce, complies with accreditation standards, is within available resources, and promotes learning, DAU, in its curriculum design processes frequently builds upon the knowledge and skills gained from other DAU courses. Accordingly, DAU has established course prerequisite requirements for many of our training courses that must be met in order to register for a course. Students are not only required to meet course prerequisite requirements but must be competent in prerequisite knowledge and skills as these are essential for successful participation in a higher level course where functional specialization is emphasized or where courses at the higher level are designed to enhance the employee’s capabilities in a primary specialty or functional area.

All students must meet course prerequisite requirements unless the requirement has been waived. Prerequisites are met by completing the designated DAU course; completing an approved equivalent course (acceptable equivalent courses are listed online in the DAU I Catalog at ); or by fulfilling the prerequisite course through an assessment of the student’s previous education and training experiences against the prerequisite course learning outcomes, by the student’s component.

An Out-of-sequence waiver is a request for approval to take a DAU course out of sequence, that is, before taking the usual prerequisite course. In this case, the employee must still take the prerequisite course for certification at a later date. Waiver requests are submitted via email. The email must provide detailed justification, attach a current resume AND be approved by either the employee’s first line supervisor or an OAP. Submit waiver requests or ask an ACM at