NPS Admissions Procedures:

The NPS-MSSE program is designed for DoD organizations faced with a wide range of systems engineering and integration challenges. NPS educates and trains engineers with tools and technologies relevant to their work, resulting in employees with greater knowledge and expertise to better meet the needs of their customers.

Specific program educational objectives (i.e., skills and abilities that graduates can bring to their position after having graduated from NPS-MSSE and having received three to five more years of on-the-job training and professional development) are:

  • Technical Leadership: Graduates will apply their engineering knowledge in leadership roles along diverse career paths in government service.
  • Program Management: Graduates will perform research, design, development, procurement, integration, maintenance, and life-cycle management of systems for defense and national security.
  • Operational Utilization: Graduates will apply systems engineering in diverse military settings and understand its capabilities and limitations.

Education Credit Information:

Students who successfully complete the program will earn the following:

  • Earn either a Master of Science in Systems Engineering (provided they hold an ABET undergraduate engineering degree, or can establish equivalency) OR a Master of Science in Engineering Systems (all others). [Note: For consistency, this program will be referred to as NPS-MSSE and not NPS-MSES.]
  • Earn a “NPS Systems Engineering Certificate”
  • Earn DAU equivalencies for DAWIA training requirements of the Engineering (ENG) Acquisition Career Field (ACF)

An equivalent course listing for Department of Defense (DoD) schools may be viewed at the DAU iCatalog page. While completion of the MSSE provides some of the required training for certification in the Engineering, Test & Evaluation, and Science & Technology Manager ACFs, individuals must complete the additional required DAU training (along with education and experience requirements) for certification in their specific ACF. Note: DAU training certification changes will be reviewed and accommodated if and where feasible.

Who May Apply and Eligibility Requirements:

Permanent civilian members of the Army acquisition workforce must meet both the NPS eligibility requirements and the USAASC Army DACM Office eligibility requirements listed below to be considered for funding.

NPS Eligibility Requirements:

  • ABET accredited Baccalaureate degree in Engineering (annotated on ACRB) for Master of Science in Systems Engineering (MSSE) degree OR Non-ABET Accredited Baccalaureate Degree for Master of Science in Engineering Systems (MSES) degree
  • GPA of 2.2 or better
  • Successful completion of a calculus course

USAASC Army DACM Office Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a permanent civilian member of the Army acquisition workforce
  • Must be a GS-11 through GS-15, or broadband/pay band equivalent
  • Must meet certification level (minimum Level II) required in current acquisition position, in one of the following three ACFs:
    Engineering (S)
    Test & Evaluation (T)
    Science & Technology Manager (I)
  • Must have a Letter of Acceptance from NPS
  • Must not currently have a master’s degree in an acquisition related discipline


The next NPS-MSSE education opportunity is scheduled to open March/April 2018.

pdf NPS-MSSE Announcement

NPS Admissions Procedure and Army DACM Office Application Process:

All Army Acquisition workforce members must obtain a letter of acceptance from NPS. Individuals admitted to NPS-MSSE program as a result of prior NPS-MSSE program announcements can use the prior year’s letter of acceptance to apply for the current announcement. Individuals should verify their current admission eligibility with NPS before using the prior year’s acceptance letter. Applicants may apply for by clicking on NPS admission. After you have obtained your letter of acceptance from NPS you are ready to apply to USAASC Army DACM Office for consideration of funding.

Army DACM Office Application Process
The online application process used to submit an application for consideration of funding for the NPS-MSSE program is AAPDS. AAPDS is an automated application system that can be accessed via the Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP). Eligible Army acquisition workforce civilians must click on the “Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System” (CAPPMIS). Once in CAPPMIS, select the “AAPDS” tab and then select the “Apply” tab. Select the blue link under status (if available) to apply to the program.


USAASC Point of Contact (everything consideration of funds and application related)
Ms. Uhura N. Smith
Commercial: 703-664-5732 (DSN: 655)

NPS-MSSE Point of Contact (everything admissions and curriculum related):
Ms. Heather Hahn
Education Technician, Distributed Learning Programs
Department of Systems Engineering
Naval Postgraduate School


The NPS-MSSE Policy and Procedures is currently under revision. Please refer to the NPS-MSPM Policy and Procedures for reference to the NPS-MSSE program.

pdf NPS-MSPM Policy (404 KB)