AAC Regionalization Policy

AAC Regionalization Policy U.S. Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) Regionalization Handbook
The U.S. Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) Regionalization Policy ensures that the AAC meets the goals of the Chief of Staff of the Army and Director for Acquisition Career Management (DACM) to build and develop multifunctional acquisition future leaders. While force stabilization is a result of the Regionalization Program, the program is not, and should not be considered, a stabilization program. Regionalization is intended to expand an individual’s acquisition knowledge and experience while providing opportunities for diversification. Officers identified for regionalization can expect to participate in the program up to the 48-month maximum.

ACMA Handbook

Acquisition Career Management Advocate (ACMA) Handbook

The ACMA Handbook provides ACMAs with the tools they need to communicate with and support the AL&T Workforce according to USAASC policies and procedures. It is developed especially for the interests and needs of the ACMA and covers a variety of ACMA-specific topics including roles and responsibilities. The Handbook also describes the tools available to the ACMA to help accomplish their mission.


Acquisition, Education, Technology & Experience (AETE)

The Army Acquisition Education, Training & Experience Catalog is intended to provide basic information on available education, training, and experience opportunities, as well as the application processes for all United States Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) sponsored training. The Catalog lists those opportunities that are funded by the USAASC as well as other non-USAASC opportunities that may benefit the military and civilian Army Acquisition workforce. The offerings for these opportunities outlined in the catalog are by fiscal year and are based on the needs of the Acquisition, Logistics and Technology workforce and funding availability.

CDG Handbook

Competitive Development Group/Army Acquisition Fellowship (CDG/AAF) Handbook

This handbook is designed to be a resource for members of the Competitive Development Group/Army Acquisition Fellowship program. It gives a detailed overview of the program, management and resource support and methods of communication used to keep members abreast of acquisition-related news and initiatives.

PM Handbook

Product/Project Manager & Acquisition Commander (PM) Handbook

Program/project manager (PM) and acquisition commander (AC) positions are among the most prestigious and challenging in the Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Workforce. Individuals selected for a PM or AC position are instrumental to mission accomplishment in developing, testing and fielding the Army’s go-to-war weapons, intelligence and communications systems and services, enabling our Soldiers to fight and win across the entire spectrum of operations anywhere in the world. The PM/AC Handbook is an essential resource for those to compete for selection to one of these challenging positions. This handbook begins with career development information and follows through to post-utilization options. It also provides information to guide you through the application and selection process and various post-selection activities such as required training and preparation for the new assignment.

Supervisor Outreach Program Guide

Supervisor Outreach Program Quick Reference Guide

This guide provides general acquisition career management information to Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Workforce supervisors. The supervisor’s role is critical to each employee’s individual career development and professional progression. The information provided will help supervisors facilitate the career advancement of their employees and will provide the tools necessary for every employee to reach their full potential.

Department of Defense Desk Guide for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Workforce Career Management

This Desk Guide is issued under the authority of DoD Directive 5000.52, “Defense AT&L Workforce Education, Training, and Career Development Program” and DoD Instruction 5000.66, “Operation of the Defense AT&L Workforce Education, Training, and Career Development Program.” It supplements these regulations by providing more detailed guidance on key aspects of the AT&L Workforce Education, Training, and Career Development Program, such as AT&L position designation, certification, Acquisition Corps membership, continuous learning, and career development programs.

Supervisor Outreach Program Guide

The Acquisition Career Development Quick Reference Guide

The Acquisition Career Development Quick Reference Guide provides information on any and everything that ACDD does. It highlights our overall mission as well as provides details on the programs we offer.