AACOE Administrative information

  • The dress for U. S. Army military students is the Army combat uniform (ACU).
  • U.S. Army military students should bring their PT uniform for a mandatory weigh-in.
  • Civilian students wear business casual attire.

* Business casual attire is defined as dress slacks, shirts with collars, dress shoes/loafers and the equivalent attire for women. Shorts, sandals, athletic shoes, tank tops, jeans, and athletic sweat suits are examples of inappropriate attire.

Misc Supplies:
  • Handheld calculator
  • School supplies (three-ring binder, paper, pens, pencils, paper clips, index cards, tape, Post-it Notes®, stapler, etc.)
  • Personal printer is helpful but not required. Reading assignments are provided in electronic files and some students may have difficulty reading from their computer screens. The school does not print reading materials, class notes, etc.
  • Thumb Drive

You should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows® and Microsoft Office®. This includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Familiarization classes will be given on Microsoft Project® and unique Government software to students attending AAFC, AIPM, ABCC, and AICC.

It is recommended that you complete your pre-course assignments prior to attending the first day of class, including the Math Refresher – Click Here

If you are in a “TDY en route” status, and taking leave before or after the courses, ensure your leave time is appropriately incorporated on your DA form 1610 or have completed DA form 31(s) with an assigned control number from your losing unit (Your leave form should cover the period from the time you depart your current duty station until you sign into your final destination). Settlement of both pre and post course leave will be completed upon arrival at your permanent duty station.

If you have a physical profile, bring the documentation.


Additional entitlements which should be included on your TDY orders:

  1. Per diem for meals on weekends and Federal holidays. NOTE: Transportation will be furnished by the MTSS provider.
  2. Up to an average of $2.00 per day for personal laundry, dry-cleaning, and pressing of clothing (when travel requires at least 7 consecutive nights of TDY lodging). (Source: Appendix A, Part 1 of the JTR)
  3. One ATM access charge for each 30-day period while on TDY.

Officers who are attending AAFC and ABCC or AIPM as part of their transition into the FA 51 functional area will receive a Service School Academic Evaluation Report (DA 1059).

Non-commissioned officers who are attending the AAFC and ABCC as part of their transition to 51C MOS will receive a Service School Academic Evaluation Report (DA 1059).

Final TDY settlement vouchers should be filed upon arrival at your permanent duty station.

Note: If you are assigned to the Huntsville area, you are not eligible for TDY expenses.

For further FAQs & information: Click Here

Email: michele.e.custer@us.army.mil