The Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Targets program provides live targets and scoring systems in support of ADA Standards in Training Commission Department of Army Pamphlet 350-38 training and qualification tables. ADA Targets is comprised of three primary components: MQM-170 Remotely Piloted Vehicle Target (RPVT) Outlaw, MTR-15 Ballistic Aerial Target System (BATS) and Scoring Miss Distance Indicator (MDI) systems.

The MQM-170 RPVT Outlaw system and the scoring systems are government-owned/contractor-operated with target operations provided on unit training ranges. The MTR-15 BATS is a government-owned/government-operated system with targets provided to the unit for operation on their ranges. These systems are available for use on DoD test or training ranges within the continental United States and overseas, as well as in support of foreign military sales clients.

Crew-gunnery and live-fire training are conducted using various unmanned aerial targets. The targets are threat representative of real cruise missiles, unmanned aircraft systems and tactical fixed-wing aircraft currently being employed against U.S. forces. These targets must be capable of representing generic threat characteristics and must allow the ADA weapon systems crew to employ missile and gun systems to engage and destroy the target systems. ADA unit training programs must result in demonstrated tactical and technical competence, Soldier confidence in their weapon systems, and the abilities of our Soldiers to employ their weapon systems in a field environment.


The ADA Targets program is an integral part of supporting ground combat readiness. ADA units cannot train or maintain certification for their wartime mission without enemy-representative targets supporting their live-fire training events.


The ADA Targets program is composed of three primary components:
  • MQM-170 RPVT Outlaw
  • MTR-15 BATS
  • Scoring MDI systems


  • 2QFY15: Annual Gunnery Qualification Training for Avenger and Indirect Fire Protection Capability Army Air Defense units
  • 3QFY15: Marine Corps Stinger Training
  • 4QFY15: Navy Carrier fleet (surrogate threat Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)) training and surrogate UAS joint testing requirements


  • FY16-17: Continued support for ADA Qualification Training, Black Dart Counter UAS demonstration support, National Training Center Surrogate Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, UAS Opposing Force training with other Combat Training Center involvement, continued support for testing, and support for multiple Research, Development, Test & Evaluation activities for Army and other military services laboratories


Israel, Japan, Portugal and NATO Support Agency


  • Griffon Aerospace (Madison, AL)