The Common Hardware Systems (CHS) program office enables a holistic approach to acquiring common hardware across the battlespace by utilizing the most effective and efficient means to meet the unique fielding requirements of tactical program offices. CHS coordinates across tactical programs to provide consolidated procurement and sustainment of modified commercial off-the-shelf information technology (COTS IT) and to ensure configuration and obsolescence management. CHS also partners with industry to examine new and emerging technologies that meet operational needs. The CHS-4 contract provides a procurement mechanism to meet Army and DoD program requirements for COTS IT supplies and services.


Procurement of common hardware provides the battlefield with a common look and feel across platforms and a reduced hardware footprint at a lower cost to the Army.


  • Streamlined Rapid Acquisition Process: CHS provides rapid acquisition capability for all requirements including engineering support, hardware, sustainment, services
  • Rapid Execution: CHS works with stakeholders to facilitate the rapid execution of technology insertions, delivery orders, task orders
  • Configuration Management: CHS-4 contract provides a mechanism to preserve hardware configurations, including designs for integrated solutions and kits to ensure interoperability with networked systems as well as continued information assurance compliance
  • End of Life Management: CHS works with prime vendor and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to manage technology obsolescence
  • Replacement Configurations: CHS communicates with programs to identify next generation replacement configurations to ensure requirements continue to be met
  • Emerging Technologies: CHS works with programs and industry to coordinate new commercial information technologies onto the Army’s tactical network; CHS hosts industry roadmaps and technology demonstrations to facilitate collaboration between OEM and program offices

Program Status


  • Managed acquisition and delivery of CHS equipment in support of customer requirements

Projected Activities


  • Continue management and delivery of CHS equipment in support of customer requirements; CHS-5 Contract Acquisition Competition

Foreign Military Sales



CHS-4 production contract:

  • General Dynamics (Taunton, MA)
  • Systems engineering, testing and analysis support:

  • Booz Allen Hamilton (Washington, DC)