The Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP) supports the warfighter through information technology, infrastructure modernization and lifecycle management of the Army’s CONUS Installation Campus Area Networks (ICAN) and strategic command centers. It has no ACAT level because it is not executed as a Defense Acquisition Program. However, if it were, it would rival many ACAT I programs due to its overall lifecycle cost and the length of
its mission.

I3MP provides a robust and scalable networked information infrastructure that allows migration to a network-centric, knowledge-based operation, and enhances connectivity between forward-deployed forces with CONUS installation infrastructure. It is a part of the Joint effort to improve and protect LandWarNet by enhancing the infrastructure for better efficiency and effectiveness of the network and Army interoperability across DoD. Ultimately the program builds network capacity, simplifies and standardizes ICAN, and establishes a foundation for new capabilities. This involves the conversion of base, post, camp and station voice circuits to Internet Protocol, transitioning from Time Distance Multiplexing to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, and a connection to the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Enterprise VoIP architecture.


I3MP provides the communications connectivity that allows the warfighter to access and utilize information technology applications.


Designs are applicable to the specific site per the site’s requirements.


  • Current: I3MP has more than 60 current contracting actions affecting, in turn, most of the Army’s bases, each of which has some form of ICAN for communications; this year (2016) the base funding line for I3MP was in the $20 million range
  • 2QFY15: Modernized the information technology backbone at Fort Sill, OK and Fort Hood, TX
  • 4QFY15: Modernized the information technology backbone at White Sands Missile Range, NM


  • 3QFY16: Modernize the information technology backbone at Fort Rucker, AL
  • 3QFY16-4QFY18: Initiate network standardizations at various Army posts, camps and stations
  • 4QFY16: Modernize the information technology backbone at Fort Myer, VA
  • 4QFY16-4QFY18: Initiate Home Station Mission Command Centers procurement and initial installation




  • AT&T (Dallas, TX)
  • Vision Ability Execution, Inc. (Reston, VA)
  • General Dynamics (Falls Church, VA)
  • Siemens (Washington, DC)