The Instrumentable – Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES) is designed to simulate both the firing capabilities and the vulnerability of dismounted troops, tactical vehicles and combat vehicles and to objectively assess weapon effects during training. This provides unit commanders an integrated training system to use at the home station local training area and instrumented training areas. It will replace legacy systems at the End of Useful Life and in accordance with the Armywide distribution plan.

I-MILES is a laser-based training device used on Soldiers, small arms, tactical vehicles, tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and opposing forces to provide real-time casualty effects. The I-MILES program is comprised of five product lines:

  • Individual Weapon System
  • Tactical Vehicle System
  • Combat Vehicle System
  • Shoulder Launched Munitions
  • Universal Controller Device

Together, these provide the ability to adjudicate force-on-force training and provide data used in the After Action Review. It is an evolutionary approach to replace older I-MILES equipment with devices that provide better training fidelity. Use of the system, from squad-through-brigade-level exercises, reinforces good tactical maneuver skills by training Soldiers how to avoid direct fire as well as reward good target engagement ability. The system interfaces with instruments at both home stations and Combat Training Centers. The I-MILES modular design will accommodate new weapons, ammunition, vulnerabilities and vehicle types. The Army will use and field I-MILES worldwide.


I-MILES allows soldiers to train as they fight using their tactical equipment and adding I-MILES equipment. Soldiers can function fully and operate as they would in a cooperative environment with other local units or multinational partners.


  • Works with a variety of weapon platforms
  • Uses laser transmitter that sends simulated laser MILES code at laser detectors attached to Soldiers, vehicles, etc.
  • Uses Class 1 and 3A lasers to replicate the engagement effects of line-of-sight weapon systems
  • Capable of operating between 100 and 336 hours without power source replacement


  • FY15: Approximately 90,818 kits fielded


  • Vehicle Tactical Engagement Simulation System (VTESS) award (568 kits)
  • Individual Weapon System (IWS) 27,994 kits
  • Combat VTESS 936 Basis of Issue plus 237 U.S. Army Europe for total of 1,173 kits (last year of procurement)
  • 4QFY17:
    • VTESS 2,440 kits
    • IWS 15,959 kits (last year of procurement)




  • Cubic Global Defense (San Diego, CA)
  • Saab Training USA, LLC (Orlando, FL)