Joint Effects Model (JEM) is a Web-based software application that supplies the DoD with the one and only accredited tool to effectively model and simulate the effects of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) weapon strikes and incidents. JEM can provide warfighters with the ability to accurately model and predict the time-phased impact of CBRN and Toxic Industrial Chemical/Material (TIC/TIM) events and effects. JEM supports planning to mitigate the effects of weapons of mass destruction and to provide rapid estimates of hazards and effects integrated into the Common Operational Picture (COP).

JEM Increment 2 is being developed to replace JEM Increment 1 and will use the agile development process to incrementally add capabilities.


JEM provides warfighters with the only DoD-accredited modeling capability to predict high-fidelity downwind hazard areas and effects associated with the release of CBRN and Toxic Industrial Hazards (TIH) into the environment; incorporate the impacts of weather, terrain and material interactions into the downwind prediction; provide enhanced situational awareness of the battlespace; and deliver near real-time hazard information to influence and minimize CBRN and TIH effects on current operations, and to save lives.


  • Models CBRN hazards and resulting human physiological effects for chemical and biological weapon and facility strikes, nuclear weapon incidents and detonations, radiological weapon detonations, chemical weapon storage incidents, high-altitude releases and TIC/TIM releases
  • Provides the ability to display to the COP and operates in an integrated fashion with operational and tactical command and control (C2) systems
  • Interfaces and communicates with the Joint Warning and Reporting Network, associated weather systems, intelligence systems and various databases
  • Supports multiple deployment strategies that operate on both UNIX and Windows systems, and is integrated into C2 systems across DoD
  • Available as stand-alone, networked, distributed or Web access.
  • Operationally supported, 24/7 reachback (call center and Web).
  • Provides warfighters the best and most mature technology available to address a wide spectrum of threats


  • FY13-FY15: JEM Increment 1 continued in Sustainment
  • 4QFY14: JEM Increment 2 Milestone B
  • 4QFY14: JEM Increment 2 Build Decision 1
  • 2QFY15: Requirements Definition Package 2 and Build Decision 2
  • 4QFY15: Operational Assessment-1/Initial Operational Test & Evaluation 1 (National Guard Bureau)


  • FY16-FY17: JEM Increment 1 continued in Sustainment
  • 1QFY16: Fielding Decision 1
  • 4QFY16: Build Decision 2
  • 1QFY17: Build Decision 4


Canada and Spain


Increment 1:

  • Northrop Grumman Mission Systems (San Diego, CA)

Increment 2:

  • General Dynamics Information Technology (Middletown, RI; Buffalo, NY; and San Diego, CA)