The Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC) conducts sustainment and enhanced medical training for combat medics and combat lifesavers in support of unified land operations. MSTC provide hands-on instruction in the latest battlefield trauma and critical care techniques based on U.S. Army Medical Department-approved performance-oriented training curricula. Medical treatment validation exercises simulate the high stress of performing medical interventions in combat.

MSTC Increment 1 provides realistic medical training to both medical and nonmedical Soldiers in the Army, Reserve and National Guard. MSTC supports unit medical readiness by validating Combat Medic (68W) Emergency Medical Technician biennial recertification requirements and providing combat lifesaver training to nonmedical Soldiers. Increment 2 will focus on improving health care at the first responder, combat medic, special operations medic, and forward deployed surgical levels to better meet the commander’s casualty response system needs now and in the Force 2025 operating environment.

The MSTC mannequin provides realistic trauma treatment practice opportunities for self and buddy rescue performance in the Squad Overmatch Study – Tactical Combat Casualty Care (SOvM-TC3) study. Implementing the MSTC in the integrated SOvM-TC3 increased the squads’ training experience because of the realism that was applied across the gaming and live environments.


The MSTC saves Soldiers through enhanced hands-on medical training, which is provided and taught under realistic battlefield conditions. From this sustainment and validation medical training, first responders are able to provide emergency medical treatment for the three main preventable causes of death on the battlefield (hemorrhage, airway compromise and tension pneumothorax).


MTSC consists of:
  • A 7,000-square-foot structure
  • Virtual Patient System
  • Instructor Support System
  • Medical Training Evaluation System
  • Medical Training Command and Control
  • Professional instruction and administrative support


  • 4QFY15: Sustainment and maintenance, technical refresh and concurrency on medical training aids, devices, simulators and simulations


  • 1QFY17: Award of the Virtual Patient Simulation Systems contract


Uruguay and Serbia


  • Computer Science Corp. (Orlando, FL)
  • Laerdal (Wappingers Falls, NY)
  • Simetri, Inc. (Winter Park, FL)
  • Optimal Technologies International (Orlando, FL)
  • PULAU Corp. (Orlando, FL)
  • Kforce Government Solutions, Inc. (Fairfax, VA)
  • SKEDCO, Inc. (Tualatin, OR)