The Indirect Fire Protection Capability Increment 2 – Intercept (IFPC Increment 2-I) Block 1 System is a mobile, ground-based weapon system designed to defeat unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and cruise missiles.

The Block 1 system will use an existing interceptor and sensor and will develop a Multi-Mission Launcher (MML) on an existing vehicle platform to support the Counter-UAS (C-UAS) and Cruise Missile Defense (CMD) missions. The system will use the Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense (AIAMD) open systems architecture, and will use the AIAMD Integrated Battle Command System as its mission command component.


IFPC Increment 2-I Block 1 mitigates high priority capability gaps in two mission areas: CMD and C-UAS.


  • Provides 360-degree protection
  • Provides ability to simultaneously engage threats arriving from different azimuths
  • MML will use an open architecture that allows the employment of a variety of missiles

Program Status

  • 2QFY14: Milestone (MS) A, Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM)
  • 1QFY15: Completed Tube Demonstration
  • 2QFY15: Completed Launch Demonstration
  • Completed System Preliminary Design Review
  • Completed Assembly of MML Prototype 1
  • Delegation ADM designating program as ACAT 1C

Projected Activities

  • 2QFY16: Engineering Demonstration
  • 3QFY16: MS B Decision
  • 2QFY17: Critical Design Review

Foreign Military Sales



None—the IFPC Increment 2-I Block 1 system is composed of three existing major end items and one new major end item (MML; developed by the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center, and Letterkenny Army Depot). The government is integrating the four major end items into this system.