The Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) M270A1 is a combat-proven, mechanized artillery weapon system that provides the combat commander with highly lethal, all-weather, precise rocket and missile fires that defeat point and area targets in both urban/complex and open terrain. The system achieves these objectives for the Army, Marine Corps and coalition forces with minimal collateral damage via a highly mobile and responsive multiple launch system.

The M270A1 is an upgraded version of the M270 launcher. The program entailed the concurrent incorporation of the Improved Fire Control System and the Improved Launcher Mechanical System on a rebuilt M993 Carrier (derivative of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle). The M270A1 supports fires missions ranging from 15-300 km. The M270A1 can fire all munitions in the current and planned suite of the MLRS Family of Munitions, including Army Tactical Missile System missiles and Guided MLRS rockets. The M270A1 carries and fires two launch pods, each containing either six rockets or one missile. It operates with the same MLRS command, control and communications structure and three-man crew as the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System. The Improved Armored Cab modification increases crew protection from small arms fire, artillery fragmentation and improvised
explosive devices.


The MLRS Launcher provides 24-hour, all-weather, lethal, close- and long-range precision rocket and missile fire support for Joint forces, early-entry expeditionary forces, contingency forces, and Modular Fire Brigades supporting Brigade Combat Teams.


  • Empty weight: 45,086 pounds
  • Combat weight: 57,544 pounds
  • Maximum speed: 64 kph
  • Maximum cruising range: 483 km
  • Ordnance options: All current and future MLRS rockets and Army Tactical Missile System missiles


  • 1QFY15: Continued M270A1 launcher overhaul program at Red River Army Depot (RRAD)
  • 3QFY15: Completed Improved Armor Cab (IAC) Product Manager’s Enhanced Field Exercise
  • 3QFY15: Delivery of Fire Control System – Update (FCS-U) hardware prototypes and first Software Engineering Release
  • 4QFY15: Completed IAC developmental testing
  • 1QFY16: FCS-U Qualification Phase began
  • 1QFY16: IAC Production Request For Proposal (RFP)


  • M270A1 launcher overhaul program
  • Providing sustainment and support activities for MLRS strategic partners and foreign military sales customers
  • 1QFY17: IAC Production Contract Award
  • 1QFY17: FCS-U Production RFP
  • 1QFY18: FCS-U Production Contract Award; Modernization


  • M270 and M270A1: Bahrain, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan and Korea
  • M270 and M270B1: Norway, Turkey and United Kingdom


  • Lockheed Martin (Grand Prairie, TX)