The current 120 mm family of tactical tank ammunition consists of fourth-generation kinetic energy, multipurpose and canister ammunition.

Kinetic Energy (KE) ammunition lethality is optimized by firing a maximum-weight subcaliber projectile at the greatest velocity possible, defeating advanced-threat armor. The M829A3 kinetic energy cartridge provides armor-defeat capability. The M829A4, the next generation KE cartridge, is currently in production.

Multipurpose ammunition uses a high-explosive warhead to provide blast, armor penetration and fragmentation effects. The Advanced Multi-Purpose (AMP) cartridge, is a 120 mm high-explosive multi-purpose munition. When fired from a platform equipped with the Ammunition Data Link already being incorporated into the Abrams tank, the cartridge can be programmed for one of three modes, including Point Detonate, Point Detonate Delay, or Airburst. AMP will consolidate the capabilities of currently fielded high-explosive munitions including the M830A1 and the M908 as well as the M1028, which is a shotgun-shell-like canister cartridge that provides the Abrams tank with effective, short-range, rapid, lethal fire against massed assaulting Infantry.

The 120 mm family has dedicated training cartridges in production: the M865, with its reduced range, simulates KE tactical trajectory to 2,500 meters; and the M1002, which simulates the M830A1 size, weight and nose switch. To support the Stryker force, the 105 mm Mobile Gun System uses M1040 canister cartridges. The M1040 canister cartridge provides rapid, lethal fire against massed assaulting Infantry at close range. The new 105 mm M724A1E1 is a reduced-range training cartridge intended to provide the Soldier the training capability to maximize the effectiveness of the tactical 105 mm M900 KE cartridge, which provides armor-defeat capability. The M724A1E1 is a ballistic match for the M900. The cartridge will be used in the Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS). The 105 mm M467A1 training cartridge is a ballistic match to the M393A3 tactical round. The MGS employs the M68A1/A2 105 mm rifled gun tube with a Muzzle Reference System and an autoloader for storage and handling of its 105 mm ammunition.


Standard ammunition provides the warfighter with the necessary lethality needed to defeat the enemy.


Various specifications used depend on weapon platform, caliber, target set and effect.


  • Current: M829A3, M830, M830A1, M1002, M908, M1028, M1040, M393A3, M467A1 are fielded
  • FY13: M1002 in production
  • FY13: M865, M831A1 in recapitalization
  • FY13:M724A1E1 Milestone (MS) C
  • FY15: AMP MS-B and competitive Phase 1 Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) contract awards
  • FY15: M829A4 Type Classified – Standard (TC-STD)


  • FY16: M724A1E1 TC-STD, Full Materiel Release (FMR), and Full-Rate Production Decision Review (FRPDR)
  • FY16: 829A4 FMR and FRPDR
    • FY17: AMP down-select to single contractor for EMD Phase 2


M831A1, M865, M1028, M830A1, M908, and KEW-A1 (Tungsten Penetrator): Iraq KEW-A1 (Tungsten Penetrator): Kuwait


  • M1002, M865, M724A1E1, AMP EMD Phase 1, and M829A4: Orbital ATK (Plymouth, MN)
  • M1002, M865, AMP EMD Phase 1, and KEW-A1 (Tungsten Penetrator): General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (St. Petersburg, FL)
  • M1040: L-3 Communications (Lancaster, PA)