Army AL&T Magazine

Army AL&T magazine is USAASC’s quarterly professional journal, comprising in-depth, analytically focused articles. The magazine’s mission is to instruct members of the Army AL&T community relative to AL&T processes, procedures, techniques and management philosophy and to disseminate other information pertinent to the professional development of workforce members and others engaged in AL&T activities. The magazine is available in both hard copy and on the USAASC website.


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Files to Upload

  • Articles should be formatted per Army AL&T magazine writers guidelines and submitted in Word document format (.doc or .docx) with a title that keys to the article name, for example, COL Smith Logistics Commentary.
  • Captions for photos, graphics and figures, if not included at the end of the document, should be submitted in a separate Word document with the same title as the article, but including the word “captions.” For example, [Your Article’s Name] — Captions.
  • Captions should include the file name of the photo or graphic, as well as the who, what, where and when details, and the photographer’s or artist’s name and organization: (Photo/Illustration by …. Name, Organization).
  • Photos should be submitted as separate image files in .jpg, .png or .tiff format. Image files should be no smaller than 2400 pixels wide at the highest resolution possible—for most, it will be a file size of 3-4 MB or larger.
  • Graphics, figures and illustrations may be submitted in an editable PowerPoint format (.ppt or .pptx), pdfs or as image files (.jpg, .png or .tiff).
  • Advertisements must fit in the Army AL&T template and should consist of minimal text and a “call to action,” such as a phone number or website that the reader can use for more information.
  • On the Move: If you are submitting news related to a promotion, retirement or important change of command, please fill out the On the Move form and submit it through our online portal. NOTE: With exceptions (e.g., awards), all On The Move submissions should be relevant news items regarding officers at the 0-5 level who are program, project or product managers, relevant news items regarding officers 0-6 and above, and enlisted Soldiers E-8 and above.
  • Faces of the Force is your chance to help us showcase the professionalism and accomplishments of the workforce as well as the range of career opportunities that Army acquisition offers, by nominating people from your organization to appear in our profiles. Fill out the nomination form and upload it at NOTE: Nominees must be current on all DAWIA certifications and requirements or within the allotted grace period.

Army AL&T magazine is unusual, even unique, in that most of its articles and commentary are written by its readers. We welcome your stories, ideas, opinions and art (photos, graphics, etc.). We only ask that you follow our writers guidelines. That, briefly, means that articles and commentary are usually approximately 1,600 words, relate to the theme of the issue, must be OPSEC-approved, and must be approved by the functional lead in your organization. See the guidelines for further detail.

Editorial Calendar

Issue: January – March 2017
Author Deadline: October 15
Theme: Strategic Acquisition

  • How can acquisition be more strategic, and holistically address Soldier needs, efficiently scaling materiel so that we can “unsurge” as effectively as we surge?
  • Requirements: Lag times between operational needs statements and materiel delivery mean that the need may no longer exist on delivery. Requirements often conflict in theater. How does the Army make requirements that are “interoperable”?
  • Rotations of Soldiers and DA civilians cause lack of “institutional memory,” which makes support contractors the only people with that knowledge: How do we change that?

Issue: April – June 2017
Author Deadline: January 15
Theme: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Manufacturing

  • UAVs, Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS), PACMAN-I Program, nanotechnology, MUMT (Manned-Unmanned Teaming) will be a significant part of the Army’s battle kit in the future.
  • Where are we now and where are we going?
  • How does progress in artificial intelligence and machine learning — and advanced manufacturing — inform this future?

Issue: July – September 2017
Author Deadline: April 15
Theme: Talent Management

  • How to attract, retain, develop and align talent with current and future Army Acquisition Workforce requirements.
  • Acquisition Human Capital Strategic Plan.
  • Right person, in the right job, with the right skills, at the right time.

Army AL&T Editorial Advisory Board will approve additional future themes at its next meeting.