USAASC PEO/PM Support Managers are responsible for  seamless coordination, synchronization and support to the acquisition workforce members and to the PEOs, Direct Reporting Program Managers (DRPM), Defense agencies, and other strategic partners related to Acquisition Force Structure and Manpower issues. Each PEO/PM Support Manager is assigned responsibility for one or more of each of these organizations.   PEO/PM Support Manager responsibilities are outlined below:

  • Provide analysis and recommendations to the AAE and the PMILDEP on the appropriate level of management and force structure required for acquisition programs including recommendations on establishing, downgrading, reorganizing, renaming, terminating, transferring or transitioning programs.
  • Conduct annual Central Selected List position review two fiscal years out. See “What is the Central Select list (CSL) Analysis and Review Process” for details.
  • Conduct Military Acquisition Position List reviews.  See “What is the Military Acquisition Position List (MAPL) process” for details. Execute policies and communicating real-time information.
  • Staff and prepare Charters for all Program Executive Officers (PEOs) and Centrally Selected Project/Product Managers (PMs).  See “What is the chartering process “ for details.
  • Ensure proper alignment of staffing with the guidance provided by Concept Plans, Schedule 8s, and (TDA) updates.