Graphic - Talent Management

Acquisition Talent Management


Talent management is a deliberate and integrated process to attract, retain, develop and align talent with current and future Army Acquisition Workforce requirements.


Army Institute an enterprise-level acquisition talent management to identify, grow and develop our future leaders.


  • Identify high potential/high performers
  • Develop talent pool early
  • Establish project/product director pilot
  • Reinstate tools to help manage acquisition workforce talent
  • Implement post-utilization strategies


Several initiatives are being implemented to help our leaders identify and develop talent including:

  • Continuing to expand mentoring and fine-tuning our evaluation processes
  • Developing orientation briefings as an on-boarding tool to acclimate new members to acquisition as a profession
  • Created civilian career models for every Acquisition Career Field, similar to military acquisition models, and will continue to enhance this tool to provide our acquisition civilians and their supervisors with career guidance.
  • Promoting developmental and rotational assignments to provide broadening opportunities for our workforce
  • Encouraging talented/high-potential personnel to apply to our centrally selected positions
  • Ensuring talent management is nested with OSD-managed talent initiatives such as Better Buying Power 3.0, Competency Development and Key Leader Position Qualification programs
  • Implementing and standardizing a tenure agreement tracking mechanism for critical acquisition positions to include key leader positions and centrally selected Product/Project Manager and Project/Product Director positions
  • Establishing guidance on the use of the Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE) for all Army Acquisition Workforce members in designated grades/broadbands
  • Developing Program Management position hierarchy and common nomenclature for use across the enterprise
  • Sustaining and execution of the first civilian-only centrally selected product director board providing opportunities to select high-performing civilians with leadership potential. Instituting a centralized Post-Utilization approach across Army acquisition enterprise, piloted March 2015.


The following are notional guides for professional growth and a well-rounded ACF experience. Not every opportunity contained therein is required nor suited for everyone. It is recommended that careerists develop and apply an individual yet overarching career concept, based on evolving mission, vision and goals.