Acquisition Workforce Qualification Initiative (AWQI)

One of the tools you’ll find on each career model is a link to the AWQI e-workbook. AWQI is a key element of Better Buying Power to “improve the professionalism of the Total Acquisition Workforce”. It’s a DOD-wide employee development tool used to identify gaps in experience by outlining a set of standards by career field to ensure acquisition professionals have the skills required to be successful and grow throughout their career.

The tool can be used to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, and offers solutions to fill those gaps. Supervisors and employees are encouraged to use the AWQI e-workbook to develop individual career development plans that address the individual needs of every member of the Army Acquisition Workforce. Additionally, AWQI provides a common set of standards for organizations that can use this information to mitigate acquisition skill gaps by leveraging developmental opportunities or targeting strategic hiring.

If you have questions about AWQI, please contact Ms. Joyce Junior at or (703) 805-2879 (DSN 655).

acquisition workforce qualification initiative