General Information for Applicants

Key Leadership Positions (KLPs) are a subset of Critical Acquisition Positions (CAPs). It is crucial to the success of our acquisition programs to ensure qualified personnel are being placed into these key positions.

The Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (USD(AT&L)) provided new guidance in November 2013 regarding KLPs. Enhanced KLP requirements and Joint Qualification Boards were introduced in this new guidance. The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA(ALT)/Army Acquisition Executive (AAE) echoed this guidance in March 2014. The AAE is responsible for designating KLPs and ensuring the incumbents who fill these positions are qualified.

The KLP Joint Qualification Board is a new concept to pre-qualify personnel as ready to fill a KLP should a position be announced for hire or selection. The purpose of this board is to create a standard of excellence across the Department of Defense (DoD) by identifying individuals who are determined pre-qualified by the board to occupy highly demanding KLPs once announced for fill. The Joint KLP Qualification Boards will function separately from normal promotion, command, or selection boards. The results from the Board will allow DoD and Component’s acquisition leadership to have a pool of qualified personnel deemed ready to fill KLPs.

The application process for Army applicants to this KLP Joint Qualification Board is automated. Applicants who wish to be considered must submit their application online using the Army Acquisition Professional Development System (AAPDS) located within the Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP)/Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System (CAPPMIS). The application is a writable PDF that will require an electronic upload into AAPDS.