DOD Industry Exchange Program (IEP) Pilot

The application period for the DOD IEP 2019 pilot has closed.

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This groundbreaking pilot program will serve as a platform for DOD and private sector participants to a) gain a better understanding of, and perspective on, each other’s business operations and challenges and b) share innovative and cost-saving practices. This exciting professional development opportunity will be considered a detail for participants from the DOD.

Who Can Apply?

This pilot targets high-performing, mid-career civilians (GS 13-15 or AcqDemo-equivalent payband) with high leadership potential. Candidates should work in the Program Management, Engineering, Logistics, Science and Technology, and Contracting business domains.

When Will the Exchange Start and End?

Selectees will attend an Orientation Day at the Pentagon in December 2018. Exchange participants will be in place at the exchange location by January 8 until June 1, 2019. There will be a mid-program luncheon in March or April 2019 and end-of-program opportunity where participants will share lessons learned and feedback about their experience within the exchange program pilot.

Where Could I Possibly Be Assigned?

The following companies have agreed to host DOD exchange participants:

Deloitte, Unisys, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Motors, Jacobs, GuideHouse (formerly PriceWaterhouseCooper public sector) Booz Allen Hamilton and Raytheon.

Click Here to view the Industry Position Descriptions that have been made available by Companies partnering with DoD in the Exchange Program Pilot.  This listing will be updated with additional Position Descriptions from Industry, as they are made available to the Army DACM Office.


Any costs associated with travel or training for selected IEP Pilot participants will be centrally funded.

How to Apply

Click Here to download and complete the Industry Exchange Program Application form. Then submit it along with your:

  • Acquisition Career Record Brief.
  • Bio.
  • Last two Senior Rater Potential Evaluations.
  • Command Endorsement Memorandum (sample memo).
  • Resume.

By October 4, 2018 , email the above materials as attachments to Maj. Hassan Kamara ( Copy Mr. Scott Greene (

Application packets will be evaluated at a DOD-level board in late October 2018.

Those chosen will be notified in late November 2018.


Contact the Army’s Industry Exchange Program Pilot lead with any questions:

Mr. Norm Hilton