School of Choice


The Deputy Director, Acquisition Career Management is responsible, by law, for the education and training of Army acquisition workforce members. A well-educated and trained Army acquisition workforce is crucial to supporting the Army’s current transformation. In keeping with this philosophy, the recurring goal remains to provide the best possible support and education to our Army acquisition workforce. School of Choice is the Army DACM’s premier tuition assistance program allowing the best and brightest workforce members the flexibility to attend school full-time in order to complete their degree.

Policy and Procedures:

For additional information please refer to the SOC Policy and Procedures at:


Due to resource constraints, the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) Army Director Acquisition Career Management (DACM) Office will not be conducting a formal announcement for School of Choice (SOC) for next FY. Should a command have an urgent need to send a high performing acquisition workforce member to obtain his/her bachelor’s or master’s degree during duty-time, the USAASC Army DACM Office will consider funding. Please contact the USAASC Army DACM Office SOC Program Manager, Uhura N. Smith, to discuss options.


pdf SOC Grade Submission Process

pdf SF182 Student Instructions

pdf 1034 SOC Submission



Program Manager: Ms. Uhura N. Smith
Commercial: 703-664-5732 (DSN 655)
Fax: 703-805-1256
In addition, you may use the FOR HELP Ask An ACM link below to submit requests to your Acquisition Career Manager (ACM).