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1. If the university or college considers three classes as full-time, am I still eligible for the School of Choice Program?
No. The School Of Choice program definition of full-time is a minimum of 12 semester hours per term or 13.5 quarter hours per term.2. How will university or college receive payment for classes?

Student is responsible for updating the IDP and completing an SF 182 for each enrolled course and providing to the School Of Choice Program Manager for fund cite information. Once fund cite information is completed, the SF 182s will be returned to student for school registration and tuition payment.

3. Do I receive book reimbursement?
Yes. Students receive book reimbursement up to $150 per course for out of pocket book expenses.

4. How do I receive the book reimbursement if paid out of pocket?
Active School Of Choice (SOC) students complete and submit an SF1034 in the Army Acquisition Professional Development System (AAPDS) to the Resource Management Office for processing and submitting to the Defense Finance and Accounting Services for final payment disbursement.

5. Can I register for classes that are not identified and approved by the supervisor on the Individual Development Plan (IDP)?
No. All courses for the degree completion must be listed and approved on the IDP.

6. If the remaining classes for the degree completion is less than 12 semester hours or 13.5 quarter hours, will I be disenrolled from the School Of Choice (SOC) program?

No, but you must return to work while completing the remaining classes or obtain approval from the supervisor to remain off-duty with a notification to the SOC Program Manager.

7. Am I allowed to take breaks from school?
Yes, but you must return to work or obtain approval from supervisor to remain off-duty with a notification to the School Of Choice Program Manager.

8. When are grades due to the School Of Choice (SOC) Program Manager?
At least 30 days after course completion or notification to the School Of Choice Program Manager regarding the delay in grades. The grade requirements are as follows: Masters-grade of a “B” or better and Bachelors-grade of a “C” or better for each course funded by the SOC.

Additional Information:
Applicants should contact the School Of Choice Program Manager, Ms. Veronica Gonzalez, at or 703-805-1238 for program questions.