As the SRPE Rater (i.e. 1st level supervisor), I made an error in preparing the SRPE for one of my employees. The SRPE has not been signed by the Senior Rater, nor submitted to the RATED Employee. How do I go about making subsequent changes to the Rater Portion of the SRPE?

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SRPEs may only be unlocked by the USAASC Army Director of Acquisition Career Management (DACM) Office administrators prior to signature and submission by the rated employee. All requests must be submitted by the rater/senior rater on a Help Request ticket, via the Help Request link,, located in CAPPMIS. In the help request ticket, please include the name of the PEO/Command, the name of the rated employee and the justification/reason for the SRPE Unlock Request. All Help Request Tickets will then be sent to the Army DACM office administrators for disposition.