Is there a minimum time a rater/senior rater should be in the position in order to rate you? In my personal experience, I have had a few supervisors with less than 90 days on the job, but rating me in CCAS, which I have mixed feelings about. When possible, due to the purpose and longevity of these evaluations, rater/senior raters should be in an individual’s chain of command for 6 months before rating individuals.

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90 days is the minimum for the rater and SR. This policy has been in effect since the initial roll out of the SRPE in 2001. The 1st line supervisor, however, has the ability, within the CAPPMIS system, to identify an alternate senior rater within the same chain of command to be the senior rater providing that he/she is senior in grade/position to the AAW member and has been in that position for 90 days.