Geospatial Center Launches New Version of Common Map Background

The U.S. Army Geospatial Center (AGC) has launched a faster, feature-rich version of Common Map Background (CMB) Online. CMB Online is a geospatial data discovery and ordering program that allows customers to search, download, and order geospatial data using a simple, Web-based “shopping cart” interface. A Common Access Card is required to access the data from the AGC’s public key interface web site at

[image align=”right” caption=”This CMB Online screen shot depicts image footprints on a global map. (Image by Bob Molnar, AGC IT Specialist.)” linkto=”/web/wp-content/uploads/pic1_Maprev.jpg” linktype=”image”]”/web/wp-content/uploads/pic1_Maprev.jpg” height=”167″width=”246″[/image]

“The latest version of CMB Online performs faster than the previous iteration and offers several new features to users, including additional easy-to-change map bases, a scale display, and a coordinate display via latitude/longitude decimal degrees and/or Military Grid Reference System,” said Bob Molnar, AGC Information Technology (IT) Specialist. “CMB dramatically reduces the time and expense required for field users to acquire, manage, and load/import CD-ROMs of geospatial data pertinent to their areas of operations.”

Available products range from map and image data sets of small areas of interest to larger country or command data sets. Customers are able to place requests through the AGC’s website, by email, or by phone. CMB analysts receive requests from a multitude of agencies, including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers district offices, Army topographic units overseas, and troops preparing for deployment. For more information about the AGC’s Common Map Background program, visit .

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