FA 51 Intermediate Qualification Course (IQC)

School Code:

701 H

Course ID:


Mode and Duration:

Resident: 3 Weeks

Onsite: 3 Weeks

Recommended Credit:


Functional Areas:

51A System Development
51C Contracting
51T Testing
51R Information Technology
51S Uniformed Scientist


The 3-week functional area 51 Intermediate Qualification Course (FA51 IQC) is the Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) functional-area specific follow-on to the core intermediate Level Education (ILE). FA51 IQC is part of the FA51 Leader Development Plan and together with ILE grant MEL-4 certification. FA51 IQC develops Acquisition Leaders capable of leading and managing any acquisition organization at the LTC/GS-14-level and develops a pool of future senior officers and civilians trained in innovative leadership & acquisition topics. IQC provides training in acquisition-related leadership topics not found in the Core ILE.

 Special Information:

Purpose: Provides more advanced acquisition-related education to military and civilians who have demonstrated exceptional leadership potential in previous acquisition assignments. Prepares students for critical acquisition assignments.

This course can be found on ATRRS under School Code 701H. It is taught at the Army Acquisition Center of Excellence (AACoE) on the campus of the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH). For additional information visit Web site https://asc.army.mil/web/organization/aacoe/.

To register for this course Soldiers must see their training section and complete an A1 application.

Course material is not releasable to students from foreign countries.


** Must currently be in an acquisition position & Preferably taking IQC AFTER AATC

Priorities – Officers should attend IQC after they have attended the Core ILE (or Sustaining Base Leadership and Management course (SBLM) for LEADs), although it can be taken prior to completing the Core ILE on a case-by-case basis.

Acquisition Officers who require ILE for MEL IV as per the G-3 ILE implementation message (YGs 94 and subsequent are required to attend IQC).

Competitive Development Group (CDG) candidates who have SBLM and who need IQC for CDG graduation. Attendance for these civilians will be funded by the CDG Program Manager.

Acquisition Officers who do not require ILE for MEL IV but who desire attendance at IQC for professional development. These Officers may attend if seats are available after personnel from the priorities above have been accommodated. USAASC will not fund these officers; their commands may fund at their discretion.

Contractor personnel may attend on a space available basis if their Government point of contact approves their application for training.

Security Clearance Requirement:


The US Army Acquisition Support Center,

ATTN: NCO Proponent, CMF 51 and MOS
51C, 9900 Belvoir Road, Suite 201,

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5567.

 Registration Assistance:

Phone: (256) 824-4548

 Mailing Address:

Army Acquisition Center of Excellence
1410 Ben Graves Drive
Huntsville, AL 35816