AACOE Training programs

FA51 Training

All FA 51 Officers:
The 9-week transition course consists of the following course – the Army Acquisition Professionals Course (AAPC).

  • The Army Acquisition Professionals Course (AAPC), School Code 710H, Course ID FA51AAPC. This nine week course provides entry-level training in program management and contracting, intermediate level training in program management, training in contingency contracting and Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) Software and cost and pricing.
  • FA51 Intermediate Qualification Course (IQC), School Code 701H, Course ID FA51 IQC – This three week course provides more advanced acquisition-related education to officers who have completed at least one acquisition assignment. This course prepares you for more challenging acquisition assignments. The FA 51 IQC is the functional area specific follow-on to the core ILE which together with ILE satisfies the MEL-4 certification requirement.
  • Army Acquisition Intermediate Contracting Course (AICC), School Code 701H, Course ID 8D-F49/551F49 (MC) – This four-week course provides intermediate level training in contracting. This course is taken after you have completed your DAWIA Level I training in contract and have two years operational contracting experience.

51C Officers Selected for Command:

  • 51C Pre-Command Course (KO PCC). School Code 701H, Course ID ALMC-PD – This one week course is for all COLs and LTCs who have been designated through the CSL for command positions. It prepares selectees for command by providing a common understanding of current doctrine and providing both new and refresher training in selected functions and duties.