Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) — Mounted/Anti-Jam Antenna System (AJAS)
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The Mounted Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT)/Anti-Jam Antenna System (AJAS) will be a scalable, upgradeable system-mounted platform for ground and unmanned aerial vehicles. It fuses Global Positioning System (GPS) with alternate navigation and timing technology to provide trusted PNT to client platforms and systems. It distributes PNT data to multiple systems directly and via the network, replacing the need for multiple GPS devices on a single platform. It is expected that an AJAS will be integrated with the mounted system to achieve performance requirements and will enable mounted receivers access to GPS signals in challenged environments.

This program supports the A-PNT Cross-Functional Team (CFT) which has been established to support the modernization priorities of the Army.


Mounted A-PNT/AJAS will provide accurate and trusted PNT information to Army’s mounted platforms in order to continue combat operations/battle rhythms under conditions where space-based PNT GPS may be limited or denied.


  • Capability Development Document and associated Requirements Development Package in development


4QFY17: Mounted Risk Reduction Activities


  • AJAS new start
  • A-PNT CFT established

2QFY18: Approved A-PNT CFT Roadmap by the Chief of Staff of the Army

3QFY18: Mounted A-PNT/AJAS Request for White Papers released through the Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contract vehicle


1QFY19: OTA Contract Award for Requirements Development Package 1
2QFY20: User Assessment
4QFY20: Production decision point
4QFY21: Achieve Initial Operational Capability