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Airborne and Maritime/Fixed Station (AMF) radios, which are software programmable, multiband, multimode, mobile ad hoc networking radios, provide simultaneous voice, data and video communications. The radios support the Common Operating Picture, Situational Awareness and interoperability of Mission Command systems throughout the battlefield. Per Milestone Decision Authority direction, the redefined AMF Program will procure radios as Non-Developmental Items (NDI).


AMF radios ensure the Soldier’s ability to communicate both horizontally and vertically via voice and data within all mission areas. They also help close capability gaps by extending data networking to company-and-below echelons, enabling network services to the platform and connecting Army aviation platforms to Army ground and Joint air network domains.


  • Meets size, weight and power restrictions for Army rotary-wing platforms
  • Small Airborne Networking Radio (SANR) provides a multi-channel networking radio capable of using Soldier Radio Waveform and Wideband Networking Waveform in addition to legacy Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System capability to interoperate with ground forces for seamless connectivity for combat operations
  • SANR provides support to all Army rotary-wing platforms, as well as the Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft System