Lg Cal Portfolio for Tank Ammo PEO AA
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Updated: 2022




Large Caliber includes 120 mm, 105 mm, and 50 mm direct fire ammunition. Platforms supported include the Abrams Tank, Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS), the emerging Next Generation Combat Vehicles – Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), and Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF).

120 mm Family of Ammunition

To support the Armored Brigade Combat Teams (ABCTs), the current 120 mm family of tactical tank ammunition consists of a fifth generation Kinetic Energy (KE) round (M829A4) and a multipurpose round (XM1147). The M829A4 KE ammunition is optimized to defeat the latest advanced armor threats and is in Full-Rate Production. The XM1147 Advanced Multi-Purpose (AMP) Cartridge is a High Energy Multi-Purpose munition designed to deliver blast, armor penetration, and fragmentation effects of close in and longer-range targets. The AMP round consolidates the capabilities of four legacy rounds: the 1st generation M830 High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) round, the 2nd generation M830A1 HEAT round, the M908 Obstacle-Reduction round, and lastly the M1028 Canister cartridge. The M1028 is a shotgun shell-like cartridge that provides lethal fire against massed assaulting infantry. The AMP cartridge can be programmed in three different modes depending on engagement including point-detonate, point-detonate-delay, or airburst.

The current 120 mm family of tank training ammunition consists of the following cartridges in production: the M865 Target Practice (TP) Cone-Stabilized (CS) Discarding-Sabot (DS) with Tracer (TPCSDS-T), simulating the KE tactical; and the M1002 trainer, which simulates the M830A1 tactical round. Of note, the 2nd generation M865 (M865A1) is being developed and will be qualified by the end of 2021. Also, the 2nd generation of HE trainer, the M1002E1, is currently in development, and will simulate the tactical AMP cartridge in the near future.

105 mm Family of Ammunition

To support the Stryker force, the 105 mm MGS is supported by its own families of KE and HE ammunition, as well as canister cartridges. The M1040 Canister cartridge provides rapid, lethal fire against massed assaulting infantry at close range. The new 105 mm M724A2 is a reduced range training cartridge intended to provide the Soldier with the training capability to maximize the effectiveness of the tactical 105 mm M900 (APFSDS-T) KE Cartridge, which provides armor-defeat capability. The 105 mm M467A1 Tank Squash Head TP-T Cartridge is a ballistic match to the M393A3 HE/HE-P tactical round.

50 mm Family of Ammunition

To support the next generation Bradley Fighting Vehicle (i.e., OMFV), the 50 mm family of consists of the XM1202 TP-T, XM1203 APFSDS-T and XM1204 HE Air Bursting-Trace (HEAB-T).  All rounds are currently in development.


Standard ammunition provides the Warfighter with the necessary lethality needed to defeat the enemy.


  • Various specifications used depend on weapon platform, caliber, target set, and effect


  • FY20:
    • M829A4, M830, M830A1, M1002, M908, M1028, M1040, M393A3, M724A2, M467A1 Fielded
    • 120 mm M865A1 Engineering Change Proposal Qualification
    • 120 mm AMP Engineering Manufacturing and Development (EMD)
    • 50 mm Department of Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium award for XM1204 HEAB-T EMD


  • FY21–FY25: M829A4 and Tank Training Cartridge continue Production
  • FY21:
    • 50 mm XM1202 TP-T and XM1203 APFSDS-T Contract Award
    • AMP Milestone C/Type Classification and Full Materiel Release

FY24: 50 mm XM1202 and XM1203 Milestone C Decision

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Acquisition Lifecycle Phase

Engineering & Manufacturing Development, Production & Deployment, Operations & Support


General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS) (Marion, IL)
Northrop Grumman Defense Systems (NGDS) (Plymouth, MN)