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Updated: 2022



Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) technology is state-of-the-art and provides a first-of-its-kind capability. PGK contains a Global Positioning System (GPS) guidance kit with fuzing functions and an integrated GPS receiver to correct the inherent errors associated with ballistic firing solutions, reducing the number of artillery projectiles required to defeat targets. The increase in efficiency that PGK’s precision capability provides allows operational commanders to engage assigned targets and rapidly achieve desired effects while minimizing collateral damage.    

PGK currently has three Department of Defense Identification Codes (DODIC): NA28, NA29, and NA36. The 2,399 kits procured for early fielding under an Urgent Materiel Release to Operation Enduring Freedom have the NA28 DODIC. The PGKs procured in Low-Rate Initial Production and early Full-Rate Production use the NA29 DODIC. The PGKs currently in production have the NA36 DODIC. PGK is also being qualified for use with the XM1128 and XM1113 extended range artillery projectiles and for compatibility with the future M-Code GPS.  In parallel, a development program for the next generation PGK, known as the Long Range PGK, is being executed to develop a course correcting fuze for use in the Extended Range Cannon Artillery weapon system and to operate in near-peer GPS-degraded environments out to 70 kilometers. 


PGK provides improved fire support to the maneuver force commander through effectively reducing target delivery error of conventional artillery munitions. It also reduces the number of projectiles required to execute a fire mission. 


  • Demonstrated accuracy: Less than 30 meters circular error probable 
  • Compatible with the M795, M549A1, XM11128, and XM1113, 155 mm high-explosive projectiles 
  • Mission-critical flight data is inductively loaded into PGK using the Enhanced Portable Inductive Artillery Fuze Setter 


  • FY18: Long Range (LR)-PGK Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction initiated
  • FY20: 41 consecutive Production Lot Acceptance Tests completed to date


  • FY22: LR-PGK Milestone B
  • FY22: LR-PGK Engineering and Manufacturing Development award
  • FY24: LR-PGK Milestone C

Acquisition Category

Engineering & Manufacturing Development, Production & Deployment 


Orbital Alliant Techsystems, Inc (OATK), Plymouth, MN