Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (APNT) — Dismounted APNT System (DAPS)
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Updated: 2022



Dismounted Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (APNT) System (DAPS) provides a small, lightweight solution that acquires, protects, and distributes secure PNT to the dismounted Soldier. The first generation of DAPS integrates onto the Nett Warrior (NW) system, distributes PNT information to the NW End-User Device, and replaces the Defense Advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and commercial GPS receiver on the NW ensemble. It also delivers APNT data through NW Integrated Soldier Power and Data System via wired USB connection. Additionally, DAPS uses NW Conformal Wearable Battery for power and includes modernized M-code receiver and non-GPS augmentation for positioning and navigation integrity.  

DAPS is a potential source of APNT for non-NW systems. Future generations will include a standalone handheld form factor that incorporates complementary PNT, including Alternative Navigation (ALTNAV) and integrates PNT modernization technologies that continually pace/overmatch the threat. 


DAPS provides critical timing and position information to the dismounted Soldier when in GPSdenied or degraded peer/near-peer and Joint All Domain Operations. 


  • Directed Requirement for DAPS (March 19, 2019), enabling rapid prototyping
  • Directed Requirement for ALTNAV (August 10, 2019), enabling prototyping and assessment of ALTNAV capability
  • DAPS/ALTNAV Trace Memo for Handheld (April 16, 2020), enabling prototyping and assessment of ALTNAV Capability (ALTNAV Handheld) 


FY18–FY21: DAPS risk reduction and prototyping activities 

    • DAPS Prototype Lab and Field Testing 
    • Soldier touchpoints  
    • Single vendor selection completed to begin maturation and production to meet DAPS Directed Requirement 


  • FY21:   
    • DAPS GEN 1.0 Production 
  • 1QFY22: DAPS Directed Requirement First Unit Equipped 
  • 2QFY22: DAPS Milestone C Decision 
  • 3QFY22: Initial Operating Capability 


  • Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc. (Auburn, AL) 
  • NAL Research Corporation (Manassas, VA) 
  • TRX Systems, Inc. (Greenbelt, MD)